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  1. Based on my experiences with WW2 engraved purple hearts I too would have concerns on including this heart in my collection.
  2. Excellent observations by Dave and Kurt. Here are the real medals of RS.
  3. Here is a link to an interesting website that documents notable actors/entertainers and their war or military service. Everyone knows about Jimmy Steward but some of these other people might surprise you. For example- I did not know that Paul Newman served aboard the USS Bunker Hill during the Battle of Okinawa. Interesting information. Enjoy. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/138837600987799845/
  4. I wonder if I can ask a question for our membership. I have seen pictures of WW2 POW Army nurses ( Bataan ) wearing a distinguished unit citation on their dress uniforms after the war. Did any Army nurses in the European theater during WW2 earn a distinguished unit citation?? I know that some earned a meritorious unit citation. Thank you very kindly for this information. vern
  5. Thank you Ben- I was having trouble with resizing photographs before you added your nice link the Forum. Looks like an old collector like myself can use this- user friendly. Best of luck in your collecting. Vern
  6. Many thanks for the picture of the SOS- wow- nice helmets.
  7. Thank you for posting. Very nice late war /Okinawa era engraving - exactly like the engraving I have on a purple heart for an Okinawa KIA marine.
  8. Fantastic site- thank you The War You Know for your hard work and calling this site to our attention. Have a great 2017.
  9. Outstanding grouping Nick. You need more of these- ha ha. Thank you for sharing your grouping.
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