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  1. I have seen this helmet being sold twice in one year. I agree with the above.
  2. Its a WWII military issued pack of Chesterfields. Its got the right correct text on the tax label including the Alaska/Hawaii part.
  3. There are NO official british-made for US shoes, as per Ben Major's book. But maybe, yours are the holy grail
  4. Nice stuff chap! Finally found a fellow collector with a same interest. I have some goodies myself I would like to share: http://qmgrs.com/category/equipment/books-paperwork/ http://qmgrs.com/category/equipment/clothing/ http://qmgrs.com/category/equipment/field-equipment/
  5. Very nice picture of an original certificate. Was actually just reading about those certificates in "The Chaplain Serves" book from 1943. Very nice to see an original certificate! Great find!
  6. Nice score! I always liked the Pistol Belts and M23 Belts with those Engnlish style buckles.
  7. My typewriter is marked US Army as well. Used by a 3rd ID Chaplain and was carried by him during the landings in Italy.
  8. Hmm always thought pipes were smoked by soldiers coming from the upperclass... but looks like i'm wrong hehe
  9. Lol, hoped to find pictures of a 105mm or something like that, but this is quite neat as well lol
  10. Very nice piece sir! Cought myself drooling hehehe
  11. Ben @ med-dept can be contacted here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/user/2299-med-dept/
  12. Currently reading "Faces of War" by Jennifer Holik, book about research WWII soldiers.
  13. Werent these caps made until 1948 or so? Usually a cut off tag was done to hide the date...
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