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    I am interested in WW2 us medical items and 9th Infantry division ww2 related items

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  1. Apparently this is not a canadian sniper. A British sniper demonstrates his camouflage at a sniper school in a French village, 27 July 1944. this is the backside of the picture. Source is IWM
  2. This is a British instructor showing what an SS sniper looks like for comparison. Why would they use american camo coveralls if they had ss camo ?
  3. Hello, My 60th IR late ww2/occupation liner Matthias
  4. In the 50’s they uses more sticker decals then painted decals. Its like ken88 says the rounded warrant officer insignia was replaced in the 50’s. The liner was found in europe and was for 30years in a collection from a francemen, so its unlikely that it is worn in the 50’s
  5. Hello guys Here is my late war/occupation painted go devils liner. I have a question about my liner. I know that it is the warrant officer rank in te front but i dont know for what the black circle stands for. Does someone have a idee ? Greets matthias
  6. Hello This is a interesting item, can you tell me in what battalion he was in the 60th IR and where he did his occupation duty ? Greets Matthias
  7. Hello guys Can Someone help me to find more information about this person? The jacket is found near the village of Azeville in Normandy. Where the 39th infantry regiment passed. The laundry is what i can read L-5299 Thanks Matthias
  8. I find out that he was part of the 60th infantry regiment, 2bn HQ company
  9. I find it weird that he wright the end year instead of its start date of the Italy campaign. Butt probably he wear his m43 during the italy campaign.
  10. I look better to the campaign ribbon and it is a brons star. What makes it logic. It would be nice if you can find the regiment where he was part of it
  11. It seems to be a Silver Star, but I'm not sure. But it's weird because he did to 2 campaigns. And then later remained in Italy
  12. I also look at the 47th infantry regiment book, but i dont find his name. So maybe he was part of the 39th or 60th infantry regiment.
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