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  1. Looks like a hunting jacket from 1970's-1980's.
  2. Which items did you end up with? Did you get any of the berets?
  3. Indigenous rucksack, modified BAR belt & jungle jacket.
  4. These pants where in with his stuff from his 71-72 tour, does anybody know much about them? Are they Cambodian?
  5. Large grouping of items relating to SFC. Larry G. Mills. SFC. Mills served with the 5th & 7th SFG. SFC. Mills completed pre-deployment RVN training with 7th SFG at Ft. Bragg in May, 1966 & Radix lists him being stationed with 5th SFG detachment A-241 (Polei Kleng) from January, 1967 - June, 1968. Second tour in Vietnam in 1971-1972 as a FANK Advisor at the Long Hai Training Battalion (also advisor on rebuild of the ARVN 21th & 39th Ranger Battalions, along with the 56th Infantry Regiment in May-June, 1972). I'll add some better photos over the next few days.
  6. I bought this several years ago from the estate of a gentleman who had served with the 10th SFG in Germany, 5th SFG in Vietnam & 82nd Airborne for Operation Power Pack. Based on the colors of the neckerchief I assumed it was related to an armored unit, but as far as I known this gentleman was never assigned to any armored units. At the same time, if the neckerchief was red/blue/white instead of red/blue/yellow, I would have assumed it was Mike Force related (considering that this guy was in Vietnam with 5th SFG, that would have made sense).
  7. Wasn't this set for sale at an estate sale recently (I was thinking it was in Florida)?
  8. I had thought about going to that auction, but it really was in the middle of nowhere in Alabama. Most of the items that where auctioned where out of an antique dealer's booth at an antique mall in that area, but the original owner had been in the USAF in the 1960's, so some of the patches may have been his. I think the auction house is going to be doing two more auctions with items from the same estate.
  9. Yes, pieces of gold tiger stripe where added to the sides, cuffs & bottom. I think Col. Glodek was a bigger guy, so I am guessing the shirt in it's original size (Asian Large) was just too small for him.
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