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  1. Around 2004-2006 lots of units in Afghanistan were modifying shirts like that, so it could have been any of a number of users.
  2. In the 70's and 80's some of the contractors that made issue items would make items like these for civilian sale between contracts, using patterns the same or close to issue items and leftover cloth and materials. Military contracts can be spotty with work coming and going demanding on what contract you get. In order to keep their employees in steady work (and keep the skilled ones working there) they would make anything and everything they could sell, even if it was barely a break-even situation or a slight loss, because that was better than having mass layoffs every time a contract ran o
  3. Got a bit of an update- I found out that in the late 40's and 50's a lot of these were made in the vocational rehab sections of VA hospitals. The Army provided the brass and the VA bought the lighters and had the vets making the covers and assembling it all.
  4. Those were made for the Saudi Arabian Army under a 1970's military aid contract- hence the U.S. NSN. Here is a screenshot on the NSN Data
  5. The VA grave locator lists a Richard L Cornish, SP4, Vietnam who passed away in 1987.
  6. The parka label- note that the contract number is marked out. Selma Apparel declared bankruptcy in 1987 and these jackets were sold at the liquidation- and it was a requirement that the contract numbers by marked out on anything not delivered to the government. This is in fact still a requirement and why you see overruns and factory irregulars with contract numbers and/or manufacturers marked out. The owner of Selma Apparel ended up getting 2 years in jail for bid rigging and bribery.
  7. How about a totally unissued night desert parka? I have cases of these in small and medium, and liners. I just took this one out of the factory bundle, as well as the liner, and put them together.
  8. Nice example that came into my shop with some of the less common patches- career counselor and National Guard Recruiter.
  9. Nice 99 contract USAF example that found its way into my shop, sleeves still rolled and all!
  10. Interesting jacket that has had Velcro glint tape added to the sleeves.
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