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  1. Hello Thank you for the message Teufel. I used a mannequin of 1.70cm (66.92 inch) Best regard Aurel
  2. Hello Brian Thank you for this additional information ! Best regard Aurel
  3. Hello, The trousers M1918 was distributed to the troops present in Europe in 1918 ? If yes, for which unit ? I have a US M1918 trousers but I don't know if it knew the AEF .. Best regard Aurelien
  4. Hello, Here is an Overseas cap different from the model already presented. It is cut in the same fabric used for Overcoats (like Rought cut tunics) There is a small size label sewn on the Sweetband (in serge). Has anyone ever seen this model? I found it in the North of France Perhaps an early model made in the emergency late 1917 (inspired by the French model) ?? Friendly Aurelien
  5. 100 Years today. I woke up this morning with this photo in my head.. 116 500 young boys will not return at home Today, I will remember them . Best regards Aurel
  6. Hi French sam Very very very good display my friend. Congratulation !! Aurel
  7. Hi Brian Nice post again ! Here a photo taken in august, 29, 1918 at Ville sur terre (144th Inf. regt ) We can see a pouch on the havresack Aurel
  8. Hello, This is my "1911 service coat " with anomaly Pointed cuff, patch pocket , standing collar and rimmeless buttons Regards Aurel
  9. Hi I've found this photo on facebook (WW1 Colourised photos ) The legend say : 37th US Div in trainning with Australian in North of France The Corporal on the front wears a 1909 jacket not modifed Regards Aurel
  10. Very nice tunics ! Here a picture of one of my regimental long card . We can see a private with a 1909 tunic not modifed . This picture was taken in November 1918. Regards Aurel
  11. Hi trenchrat, Very good job and very nice collection ! Best regards Aurel
  12. Hi Gent; I've a question, what is a P14 USMC/army hybrid coat ? Because, I've bought some years ago this army service coat with USMC button, I don't know if this buttons are sewn during WW1 or modified by a collector ? (found in England / Kent) Best regard Aurel
  13. Hi French sam , Very nice tunic ! Here my example in Forest green to compare the color : (1917-1918 dated) Aurelien
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