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  1. Looks to be from a British Lee Enfield No.1 mk3 or a No.4.
  2. Hi Lloyd, Did you mean painted helmets like these ones? I think that my examples are way to large to be Corpsman. But maybe they are an unfinished Medic cross (no red cross painted??) Nick
  3. Mike, just been doing a little internet surfing and found this photo, does look kind of like the size of circles on my helmet?
  4. Hi NPerry, sorry buddy but this was how I received the helmet, you are totally correct though, I would have just loved it to be not scratched at.
  5. I have had a better look at the Number under my kitchen hob light and I think you are right Grant, does look more like 215A
  6. I'm still trying to clean up and resize the photo's, many apologies guys i'm not too good with technical stuff.
  7. Hi Mike, thank you for all your time and effort, I think it looks like 211A? Nick
  8. More photos. I have lost a lot of the clarity when I have had to resize
  9. Here is another, when I get the chance I will take more photos and try to make them a little clearer.
  10. They do look like "C" Loops but im thinking that they are not period or original, I will put up photos to look at.
  11. Hi Rod, no just the one Helmet im afraid but wouldn't mind snagging three though
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