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  1. Correct, all the above were classed as firing the 30.06 .30 caliber M2 cartridge, nothing to do with the .50 M2 or the M2 Carbine (too early a date)
  2. Welcome to the Forum Mark, I'm sure you will spend many good hours reading and adding to posts and growing your knowledge. Nick
  3. Agreed that the bales look too thick and also I personally believe that they would be more rusty if the helmet is in this state of preservation. Weld points, not a bit issue as many helmets show the ( normally ) three weld spots, even on pristine helmets. Pictures of the feet should prove either original or fake.
  4. Hi Richard, Did you do the conversion yourself? Where did you get the three prong flash hider, I've tried to purchase one for an M16 that I have but unfortunately like you have found out looking for your Magazine bandoleer, no one will post out of the US. Love the look of your rifle.
  5. DiGilio, excellent work and thank you. I have just been on the NSN centre website and concur that it does look like it may well be for the M20, although after scrolling through the extensive list of part numbers I too could not find it. Nick
  6. Thank you to everyone for their invaluable knowledge, but the quandary that I now face is, what is/was the sling used for? Pulled these photos from the seller of the sling, apologies for the quality, had to do a screen shot. NIck
  7. Sorry my mistake Bob, 1 1/4" for the M1 and 1 1/2" for the supposedly M79.
  8. Thanks Bob, From what I understand the two slings are almost identical apart from their width, I believe that the one supposedly supplied with the M79 is 2.5" wide as opposed to 2" for the Garand/ M14 and later M16's. Nick
  9. Thanks Leigh, I was looking to buy a NIW sling that I thought was an M1 nylon for use on an AR15/M16a1. It is dated Oct 1965. The FSC number is 1055-00-714-5320, but I'm lead the believe that with an FSC of 1055 this is maybe for an M20 RL or M79 GL? Apparently for small arms it should be 1005?
  10. Hi guy's, Looking for information on the correct sling that the M79 used. I was always under the impression that it was issued with both types of M1 sling, cotton and nylon. However I have read recently that it may have had its own sling, slightly wider than the M1. Does anyone have any info on this? TIA
  11. Looks like an 18th/19th century screw key pad lock. Not sure what the brass one is but strangely reminds me of an old kit bag lock but if it is, not like one I've seen before?
  12. Merry Christmas guy's and a very prosperous New year to one and all. Nick
  13. Mohawk, Thank you for the information, not the era that I was hoping for, however I think I might just get one anyway. Thats what I love about USMF, I spent literally hours searching on the net for into about these to no avail, should have known that you guys would have sorted it all out within hours, thank you all for all the help. Nick.
  14. Thank you for that, hopefully it may show up in the FM. I'm wondering if you may have a good point with the USMC, I can remember reading that it was used to protect the rifle during river crossings and keeping it dry during wet weather?? Wish I new where I read it, bit frustrating.
  15. MattS, Yes, I did notice that and thought that I would put it up for verification before I spend any $. I remember reading somewhere that this type of plastic bag was used for the M16A1/Carbines in the 60's and 70's but for the life of me cannot remember where I read it ? All help much appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi USARV72, I don't see any FSN or Manufacturers name in the photos supplied by the Epay seller. What should I be looking for? Any references to the maker or stock numbers to validate the bag, or would you think that as it doesn't have any, is this a sign that it may not be legit? Nick
  17. Hi guys, I have a question about the USGI waterproof storage bags manufactured for M16/AR15, the ones that come with the rubber band to seal the bag, and hopefully someone with more knowledge than I have will confirm my query. I know that they were made, but were they issued to the troops in the 1960's and 1970's (Nam era)? If the answer is yes, I can buy one or several that I've seen on Epay USA, I can then add them to my collection of weapon accessories for the M16. Many thanks in advance for any help rendered. Nick
  18. Would that be Cafe Bar Au Domino, watch out for the owner, temperamental but good fun all the same, a few years since I visited, but I remember the lovely very strong French coffee. We ate at C-47 Cafe, not far from the Airborne Museum. Had a wonderful homemade burger and fries, She who must be obeyed had a toasted pannini. Wonderful desserts, shakes and Ice cream. If you've never been to St-Mere-Eglise before, you will spend most of your trip with your mouth wide open and almost tripping over it haha, so so many sights to see, a real great treat for any American WW2 history buff. Just re
  19. Hi Paul, Although I'm at the other end of the UK in Scotland I've spent many a good day spent down on the south coast of England and it's a fantastic place to visit. Firstly you have one hell of a long drive ahead from Heathrow to St Austell and then on to Dover If it's your first time driving in the UK just take your time, get used to driving on the correct side of the road and how to negotiate roundabouts If you travel on the A303 instead of the M4/M5 motorways (freeways) you will see some of the loveliest country side that we have on the south coast. Motorways will be slightly quicker b
  20. Please ignore my previous post!!! Realised that it could be an M16 with a XM148 grenade launcher attachment. Didn't notice another in the photo propped up on the ground above him. Back to the original thread guy's
  21. Off topic a wee bit, apologies. Is the GI bottom left holding an M16a1/XM177 Carbine with the elusive handguard fabricated from a used 57mm recoiless rifle round?? Only seen one photo before that was taken at a arms dump outside of Saigon.
  22. From what I can make out from the photo available the helmet appears to be a Euro clone, especially the liner, maybe Danish or Dutch? I'm by no means an expert, but I'm more than sure that someone will be along soon with a positive answer.
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