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  1. Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Been getting some life things in order before I added to the collection. Anyway these came to me via a friend of mine who purchased them some 20 odd years ago from the vet himself. When I received them they were bunched into a very very old ziplock bag that was about to tear with these old label stickers placed on the outside of the bag. When I bought them from my friend as a curiosity he threw in this cigar box to help store and transport them back home. Afterward I carefully removed each part, placed them into the box, and then be
  2. Good job with displaying some info with your named uniforms. What you're doing isn't too different from what I'm doing aside from you having more pictures of the vets themselves. Sadly I only have two pictures with the vet wearing the uniform so to help compensate I looked up as much info as I could about each vet from when they enlisted through boot camp and through each unit they were a part of until I either lost track of them in the system or they left the military. Then I put those into packets that I can display in front of each uniform and thumb through them for info as the need arises.
  3. I use my dad's Mk2 knife he was issued in Vietnam to help cut things around the house (small limbs and branches from bushes and little trees outside, cutting thick zip ties, opening boxes wrapped with tape, etc.). He wanted it to be used again when he gave it to me instead of it collect dust on a shelf or in the safe where it used to live so I'm just doing what the original owner wanted me to do with it.
  4. These are my three Vietnam helmets. The first two pictures are from the same helmet and I believe is an early marine helmet due to the early age of the dated parts (the latest date I could find was from 1965). The other I believe is an army helmet from a bit later in the war (around 1970 or so) since most of the dated parts of it were made at the latest 1969. While these two are unmessed with graffiti examples the third one was made from pieces (chinstraps and helmet cover) found inside my dad's sea bag from his time in Vietnam.
  5. Rifles were in decent shape but my friend got those. As to the sea bag I had no idea what to offer the gentleman for it as none of us (including the gentleman) knew the value of it. I have no doubt the sea bag was legit since all of these were his father's bring backs.
  6. I purchased this bayonet directly from the son of the vet who brought it home. He had three bayonets along with two rifles and a Japanese naval sea bag but I only had enough spending money for a bayonet (my friend who was with me bought both rifles and the other two bayonets). I had no idea on value for the sea bag so I left it alone but got the gentleman's contact info to get a translation done on what was written on the bag in Japanese for his future interest. Anyway the gentleman's father, Ernest William Beck Jr, served on the USS Frank Knox and was a part of Bull Halsey's group. He also en
  7. I was helping a friend of mine out at a gun show this past weekend when a younger guy came in to sell some guns his grandfather owned but didn't want anymore. Most were older shotguns and a couple of older hunting rifles but this sks stood out to me. I asked about it and the guy said that his grandfather brought it back from Vietnam, though any history as to where and when it wad captured was a mystery as apparently the grandfather never talked about the war much. Anyway we talked a bit about it and after a while we came to an agreeable price on it that made both parties happy. I've been wanti
  8. Hey everyone. I was browsing ebay a while back and these came up during a search. I thought they were curious and decided to go for them since the marine in question (1st Lt Aikman) had a rather long career. He served in China in 1937 as a last generation China Marine before coming back stateside and playing football for USC in 1939. He also was enlisted in WW2 and was one of the poster marines (I guess his picture was used for recruitment and bond drive posters) and around that time he lived in the same town my mom's family was from in Pennsylvania, which peaked my interest as well. I saw in
  9. My dad's captain brought home a grease gun and an ak47 from Vietnam when he finally made it back stateside in 1970. The grease gun was stolen and then used in a robbery ten years later. The police confiscated it and never gave it back to my dad's captain, despite the paperwork he had saying it was his war trophy. I got to see and handle the ak though which was really cool since it had a large gouge in the butt from where shrapnel chewed into it as well as some painted Vietnamese writing on the magazine.
  10. That's a great start! Thanks paranormal trooper for the info. I don't know my way around the marine air wing stuff like I probably should but did the 1st MAW see action in Korea at all? It will definitely help in order to figure out which medal bars SSgt Parmenter would've received for his service.
  11. I was given this by a friend of a friend over the weekend who heard I collected named marine corps stuff. He had bought it years ago but now found he didn't have the room for it and after hearing about me decided to donate it to my growing collection. From what I could find there wasn't a date of manufacture inside the jacket but the pants that came with it were dated 1944. I have found the same marine's name stamped throughout the uniform about six times (once on the inner right armpit, twice on the belt, and three times inside the waist of the pants. The marine's name is H. R. Parmenter but
  12. 6. This helmet belonged to Sgt Wilbur Glaw, who enlisted in 1952. He served at Camp Okubo and Camp Otsu in Japan before being stationed at Porti Lyautey in French Morocco sometime in 1957. He remained in the Marines at least through 1958 before his records ceased and no more info could be found on him. 7. This uniform and gear setup is very special to me as all of these were my Dad's issue items. They belong to Sgt Michael Urbanitch who volunteered for the Marines upon his graduation from high school in 1966. Upon his completion of boot camp he received additional training in the use of a
  13. 4. This sea bag belonged to a Pfc J.R. Martinson. Sadly I don't know much about this particular marine but according the artwork and various engagements he undertook he must've been with some kind of artillery or aa gun unit as what preliminary research I have done in the past has led me to that kind of conclusion. 5. This jacket belonged to Pfc Dale Ginder who enlisted in 1952. After his boot camp he was assigned to the 5th Marine Regiment within their 1st Battalion in a Weapons Company in October of 1952. It was within that company he was assigned to the Nevada Cities outposts, pr
  14. Hey everyone. I've begun my assemblage of my ID'd USMC items in order to get ready for a display I've been asked to put on at our small local military show coming up at the beginning of May. I thought I would post them up here for everyone to see as that's part of the fun of gathering these items. 1. A uniform belonging to Pfc Harold M Baer who enlisted in 1924. He served briefly aboard the USS New Mexico and saw Haiti and Guantanamo Bay before being stationed in Shanghai sometime near September of 1928. He was serving there when his commanding officer was rotated out and a 2nd LT by the name
  15. Thank you for the insight Herb. I've been trying to find out how early these really are but with so many different variations and designs that were made it has been a challenge. Do you know about how early in the war these were made? My dad picked them up randomly during his tour in 1967 so I guess they would date earlier than that?
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