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  1. I love how they framed China as a vacation in a "travel series" reminds me of some of my posters where they have recruiting "parties" in WWI. Thanks for sharing more
  2. Back of last one - Thanks for any help!
  3. Last one, I think the above are real, this one I am stumped on
  4. I have searched through the fakes and fantasy topic on this, and can't seem to reach a conclusion on these. If someone could help, I would really appreciate it! There are a total of 5 EGAs. First 3
  5. Love the poster, dates from 1908-1910 according to my books. I collect (and buy & sell to pay for the habit)WWI posters. Hard to find these without the bottom being trimmed , where it says Apply at. I have several that actually have the addresses printed, which are very hard to find! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The picture on usmf pg 18, page 9 of the last handout you posted appears to be the picture that was used for the WWI "Be a Sea Soldier" recruiting poster. Very cool, thanks for posting this stuff, love it!
  7. EGA appears to be a collar emblem, but only measures 1". Also appears to be poorly cast to me.
  8. Picked these up in an auction out of New Jersey, need some help figuring them out. I bought the lot because of the wings. There was a TON of China Marine items in this auction, and my gut (although pictures were not great) thought they were worth a shot. Wings measures 2 3/8" across. Wondering if maybe they are china made period wings. I've seen a couple of Navy wings with EGAs soldered on, but never anything quite like this. Nor can I find anything like them in various image galleries on line.
  9. Fantastic! Love that you have all the history to document it!
  10. Here is the description from an auction house this is being sold at: U.S. WWI Aeronaut Wings. Designated badge for balloon observers. Theater-made in silver consisting of two wings separated by a balloon/observation basket with relief gilt letters "US". Dark blue wool backing. (In "AVIATION BADGES AND INSIGNIA of the UNITED STATES ARMY 1913-1946". The author, J. Duncan Campbell stated "a few of the aeronauts wore a popular style made of three pieces of silver mounted on wool background"). Scarce. I have been through the pinned thread before, and honestly there is so much info it is hard to remember.
  11. Just curious any thoughts on these wings:
  12. Actually didn't sell for that price. Someone didn't pay for it and I bought it the next day for about half. I thought that was a good price. But it literally has been in the basement since then.
  13. Thanks so much! Any way you could email me a better copy/scan of the pic?
  14. Picture with President Truman is an original!
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