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  1. I love how they framed China as a vacation in a "travel series" reminds me of some of my posters where they have recruiting "parties" in WWI. Thanks for sharing more
  2. Back of last one - Thanks for any help!
  3. Last one, I think the above are real, this one I am stumped on
  4. I have searched through the fakes and fantasy topic on this, and can't seem to reach a conclusion on these. If someone could help, I would really appreciate it! There are a total of 5 EGAs. First 3
  5. Love the poster, dates from 1908-1910 according to my books. I collect (and buy & sell to pay for the habit)WWI posters. Hard to find these without the bottom being trimmed , where it says Apply at. I have several that actually have the addresses printed, which are very hard to find! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The picture on usmf pg 18, page 9 of the last handout you posted appears to be the picture that was used for the WWI "Be a Sea Soldier" recruiting poster. Very cool, thanks for posting this stuff, love it!
  7. EGA appears to be a collar emblem, but only measures 1". Also appears to be poorly cast to me.
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