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  1. Like the others who grew up in the 1950s (I was born in 1946), when you said "combat boot," you meant the double-buckle boot just like in the catalog illustration above. But five or six dollars was not exactly pocket change back then. Most towns at the time always had an army-navy store which probably had some surplus stuff but mostly work clothes and new military style clothes and related items. The "real" surplus stores would be found outside the larger army bases and could be found stacked floor to ceiling with surplus used uniforms and both obsolete and current issue web gear. Remember
  2. Those were the kind I was issued when I went in the army in 1964. I found them very comfortable. When I finally got to my final duty unit, which was a divisional headquarters, I noticed that the more fashionable soldiers purchased Corcoran jump boots. I never did, though. Later, I was issued a pair of the direct molded sole version when I was in the D.C. National Guard but they were never comfortable. I suspect they were not the correct size.
  3. My opinion is that they were almost certainly used, which is not to say they were common. Pre-war equipment of any type did not exist in great quantities because the army was smaller. Ironically, however, the new recruits were probably issued with new equipment. The old soldiers had older equipment. All of the above is merely my opinion and a considered guess at that. However, I have two sets of web equipment for officers. One belonged to my father-in-law, who served in WWII, the other to another family member who served in WWI, although I do not know if he went overseas. Both sets include
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