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  1. Wow thanks very much for your search!! I'll send a pic or two shortly
  2. About a year ago I acquired an unnumbered slot brooch S/S to the the captioned that is hand engraved on a slant. Also included is a letter from the War Department dated 22 December 1944 referencing the Philadelphia Quatermaster Depot's letter of 27 November 1944 authorizing the forwarding of a Silver Star that is being delayed due to the number of medals being engraved. I can't find his name on any list of WWll award winners and believe this is a WWl decoration. Any thoughts?
  3. Truly excellent. I'm working on an M48 hope it comes out half as good!
  4. Very cool from a famous picture I believe!
  5. How's the Abrams coming along? I usually build WWll but have always been interested in the Abrams. Is the Meng superior to the Tamiya iteration?
  6. uwman

    644th tank destroyer

    Excellent build, makes me want to dust off that m36 in my stash!
  7. uwman

    French Cargo Carrier

    Thanks! I used acrylics, pastels and oils. Otherwise right out of the box from our friends at Tamiya!
  8. uwman

    THE BIG "E"

    Great piece of modeling history!
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