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  1. It is, indeed an experimental suit. The USAF and USN has had an ongoing project to identify new materials for use on flight suits. Several manufacturers submitted samples. Small quantities of each sample were produced and distributed to various squadrons for evaluation. The suit you have was well liked by the wearers. The only issue with it was the appearance.

  2. Not sure if this is the proper place for this but,


    Has anyone checked out this guy's Youtube channel?



    He gets MREs or various combat rations from all over the world and all eras and actually eats them. I've seen him try Civil War dated Hardtack, turn of the century tinned beef, all the way to the latest and greatest modern rations. And, he's only really gotten sick once. And that was from a modern ration that was still within it's servicable date.


    Some here may not like the fact that he opens and essentially destroys collectable items but, it's very cool to see how well some of the stuff has held up. He is also very entertaining.






  3. I have never seen the container style shown in post 3 before with an SRU 31P kit. I might have that reference somewhere but just guessing its a template for a rigger to use if they need to fabricate a replacement container for a kit in the field that still has usable contents. The typical kits fit inside the two zippered pouches on each side of the vest and are secured with cord.

    That container is for the SRU-31A/P. The 31A/P contains a smaller amount of gear than the 31/P and was stored in one package instead of being split between two. The container was not a procured item bu was fabricated by the PRs.


  4. Older NVGs are available, but I'm not sure about AN/AVS-9s. They are a controlled item I believe and if they were in the system previously they were probably deemed "lost" rather than "stolen". Of course, they are most likely serial numbered also.


    What he said. As a matter of fact, if you want to PM his contact info to me, I may know someone who would be interested in acquiring them.

  5. Funny story about leggings. When I was going through recruit training at RTC Great Lakes in the winter of 1987, we were issued leggings and white duty belts about two weeks prior to graduation. We were instructed how to put them on and lace them with the laces on the outboard of each leg. Our company yeoman happened to get his backwards one day with the laces on the inside. During chow, he was walking to his table with a full tray of food and managed to catch the hooks on one leg in the laces on the other leg. He did a flying face-plant while sending his tray of food halfway across the chow hall. Needless to say, we all double checked our leggings after that.


    And yes, the way you have yours laced is correct.

  6. attachicon.gifphpfiArkMPM.jpg

    Here's a nice mustachio right, he's one Hugh Magee. He was in from 1952-74, I guess this portrait will date from the early 70s. He flew combat missions from USS RANGER (CVA-61) Jan-Aug 1966 and USS CONSTELLATION (CVA-64) Apr-Nov 1967, and ended up with a total of 247 combat missions, of which 200+ were over North Vietnam.


    CDR Magee (BusyBee604) was a very active member of the Airwarriors forum until he passed away in January 2016. Very interesting and colorful gent.


  7. Thanks, Doyler. That's pretty much what I was thinking. They have two different soles but I'm not sure which one was replaced. The right foot (Avon) seems to have more wear on but the left (Biltrite) looks very original too.


    There is a name inside the right boot. Bob Miller. Pretty generic and not easy to dredge up any information.

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