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    Collecting Aviation related items such as flight helmets, flight gear, patches etc

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  1. Here is the front view of the helmets.
  2. Two of my favourite helmets, both F-14 era.
  3. Thank you so much Chris! I am so happy you appreciate my humble collection!
  4. Thank you Chris! My thoughts exactly about the helmet's history!
  5. A new addition to my flight helmet collection, a VFA-105 helmet
  6. This VF-14 Tomcat era HGU-55/P is the latest addition to my collection.
  7. The latest addition to my collection is this VA-125 helmet. The 'cat's eyes' NVG mount is a resin copy.
  8. You are right Chris! The helmet listed on Ebay is not original. Thanks Chris
  9. Chris i got the cranial a couple of months ago.
  10. VRC-30, VRC-40 helmets and cranial (from my collection)
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