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    I am primarily interested in helmets and Army groupings WW1-Vietnam and am constantly trying to find room in my home office or war room to display it all. I have an MA in military history and when not collecting I enjoy furthering my study of history I also occasionally run tough mudder or Spartan races when time allows.

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  1. Okay unrelated to the helmet but I am curious about the ZSU 23-4 model in the background that looks like a huge scale. Is it a model or a recognition model or what.
  2. All thanks for the replies really appreciate your responses, have defiantly given me some ideas as I start this project. Wish I had started this from the beginning but on a positive note it gives me a reason to go back and pick up and thoroughly examine each item in my collection which I have not done in a while.
  3. My collecting goal for this year is to fully catalog my entire collection with all the information I know about the item and it's provenance along with a photo. Was wondering if anyone uses any digital program to do this and if so which ones. Or if anyone had any tips and tricks on the best way to do this type of project. Really want a digital record as well as something I can print out and keep in a binder. Figured I would ask before I recreated the wheel. Ken
  4. No problem, If you are interested in the North Russia Polar Bear 339th stuff the "Detroit's Own Polar Bears" book is a great reference that talks about all the equipment and unit history Yes it was a white painted helmet with Russia across the top in blue. I don't think it had the full liner just the pad and part of the chinstrap left. The guy was asking $600 for it. Unfortunately at the time I had recently purchased something else and had not researched 339th/North Russia helmets enough to be comfortable knowing what an original should look like so passed. Guess that is what makes th
  5. First awesome helmet. I passed on one several years back at the Raleigh show to pick up another item and it is one of my greatest collecting regrets. Always found the 339th Infantry and North Russia episode really interesting and was lucky enough to get a uniform from a 310th Engineer Soldier a few years back with the polar bear patch and collar disks. In terms of unit styles In Bozich's book "Detroit's Own" he says that the companies that came back aboard the USS Von Steuben (CO: A,E,G,I,L,M and Machine Gun) wore the white painted helmet with the Russia stenciled in blue and those that
  6. Looks like a 3 Infantry patch painted on the side but the stripes are slanted the wrong way and there are to many stripes
  7. Interesting photo it is most likely from a shellback ceremony (line crossing ceremony) from my understanding the Navy does them when sailors cross the equator or international date line for the first time. If you google (pollywog or shellback or line crossing ceremony) their is quite a bit on the history of them and they even do certificates that would will find on eBay sometimes. All in all a neat tradition.
  8. I believe it is the Japanese self defense force JDSF mountain ski badge
  9. Wow, those are beyond cool and look really detailed and well made. I have seen US recognition models before but have never seen foreign or german ones. Thanks for sharing
  10. Also something else to think consider CPT Colby was a character from Apocalypse now. He was the guy sent to kill COL Kurtz before Martin Sheen. I remember several years ago on eBay someone was selling jackets made up with the insignia that all the characters in the film would have had so this could be one of those.
  11. Another possibility might be one of the coalition partners. I am not sure where in Iraq they served but I know Bosnia, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador to name a few all sent troops to Iraq and these countries use the G3 rifle. From my understanding the US provided these countries forces with US uniforms and individual equipment and they drove US HMMWVs during the deployment.
  12. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/264638-161st-fa-helmet-and-small-grouping/ I think this is the post that everyone is referring to that shows the helmet before the markings were found underneath and had the DUI that related the helmet back to the 161st FA.
  13. I was going to display with my Vietnam items but I think for the time being I will keep it with my other 82nd Airborne helmets.
  14. The camo cover has a late1964 to 1965 date so could be either from the unit's time in the Dominican Republic or Vietnam or by the same token could just be from conducting airborne operations on Fort Bragg. The cover does show appropriate wear and has some fading but is not as used and abused as most of the combat worn ones that are defiantly from Vietnam so I am leaning more to a possible Dominican connection for Operation PowerPack. I guess if I or another member is able to dig up anything on the Soldier that may provide some more concrete insight on where it might have been used.
  15. I make out Ray mond G. Win kler 1575 6856. I tried a few quick lines of research hoping to get a hit for the 505th in Vietnam or the Dominican Republic but did not come across anything. If anyone is able to find anything on the soldier please let me know. This one will defiantly be one of my research projects when I get a little time. I was really excited it had an ID and it was a nice surprise. Was a little let down at first when the marking in the front was difficult to read and I thought the ID had been lost to time then I check the entire sweatband and low and behold it was
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