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  1. Is the EGA on the WWI helmet punched or drilled? Any stamp?

  2. What are the dimensions of the Belleau Wood poster in frame please?

  3. Is there a maker's mark on the German bayonet you put up for sale this afternoon?

  4. Are you taking offers on the red spacer Kabar?

  5. Can you please provide picture of maker's mark on blade of long army bayonet you have for sale?

  6. Here is a close-up of the chinstrap and suspension.
  7. Recently picked up what I believe to be a post WWII/Korea painted medic helmet named to a "Vanderpool." Curious to know what information others can provide on the paint job for this one. I'm new to the world of helmets but haven't seen any painted completely white like this one. Thanks to everyone in advance for their insight. --Bob
  8. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could provide some information on this variation of what appears to be an SS dagger I found in my grandparent's attic while home for the holidays. My grandfather was an infantryman serving in the Rhineland during WWII. The blade itself includes the following proof marks: SS insignia; 188/35; and the encircled letters "RZM" as can be viewed in the image below. Thanks in advance for your insights.
  9. Thank you to everyone for the helpful feedback. I unfortunately don't know a lot about the specifics of my grandfather's service during WWII. He never really wanted to discuss anything and we certainly tried to respect his wishes in that regard. Most of what I learned of his service came from obtaining his DD Form 214 following his passing. I know he saw action during the latter part of the war in the Rhineland. I'll try to post a similar thread on the GunBoards website, although the auction link provided a lot of valuable info...thanks Joe! --188Lieut
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