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  1. Hole looks wrong. Stamping looks off. I would say that this is a repro set.
  2. Thank you. Im happy to be the caretaker of these solemn tags.
  3. Here are some navy tags. The veterans served during D-Day.
  4. I have posted any pickups in a while. Here are some of the tags I have gotten that I could determine the units in which the veterans served. Most patches were added to display unit. 1. 85th Infantry Division officer set 2. 37th Infantry Division NOK 3. 41st Infantry Division, 148th FA 4. 86th Infantry Division HQ 5. 102nd Infantry Division - Wounded in Action in February 1945 6. 38th Infantry Division - Silver Star and Purple Heart (not sure of when or where) 7. 101st Airborne, 327th GIR - Wounded in Action in January 1945 (everything except 101st patch came in the group)
  5. It might take a while but Im sure youll find them. Good luck!
  6. Yep, the band is present. I was happy when I found it together. I have to check on the internals. Either the M17 or M9a1 has them but not both.
  7. Thanks! It took me a while to track some of them down. I think I hunted for the M17 for two years, and miraculously, I found both the M17 and M9a1 in the same weekend. I was stoked.
  8. Left to right: M2a1 chemical grenade adapter M11 Practice M17 M9a1 Heat M11a2 Practice M1 Grenade adapters
  9. Heres a family pic of my WWII rifle grenades. -Both M1 adapters dated 1944 -M2a1 dates 1945
  10. Thanks! That they are. It took me a while to track down a set.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I really like the display. Im gonna need a lot of the cases and more wall space! Heres a few of them:
  12. The booster cap is there but the spring and pin are not.
  13. Thanks! I havent seen many. I was unsure on this one until the seller sent me more pics. Once I was fairly sure, I bought it.
  14. Connor, thanks. I always like looking at your website. Very organized and detailed. Simon, I agree. I have a handful of them in their uniforms but not many. It would be an amazing addition. Thanks for the idea.
  15. Ive been trying to figure out what to do with unit IDed dog tags for a while now. I usually put them on a display board (cup hooks attached to wood) or put them inside other displays, but I wanted something more. This is what I came up with for a handful of them. It looks nice, but it doesnt hold many tags the way it is setup. Each set has a name/unit plaque and a unit patch. I figured Id share. Enjoy.
  16. I got this not too long ago. Very happy to have this one in my collection.
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