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  1. Thanks for your first replies. I have some other pictures : Badge on the liner : Rear of the shell : 3/4 front : others pictures here (it's needs registration) http://www.aiolfi.com/vente/1279-session-de-printemps-2019/1280-collection-bertrand-paris/1281-75-objets-pour-feter-les-75-ans-du-d-day/casque-de-la-90th-us-helmet-of-90th-id-us/
  2. Hello everybody, I'm want to buy this helmet, but I'm not sure it's real. Specialy the badge is original. As the expert of the sale is also the author of the book, i cannont trust him. So i ask you for advice. the link : https://www.caen-encheres.fr/lot/?sale=4399&lot=165119 The pictures I have to make and advice :
  3. I found picture of american legion band with this kind of helmet. this kind of helmet are for american legion band
  4. Sorry, i didn't understand your response the first time. It Is 100% in Brass, it's clearly not a combat helmet. Found on the net this picture : It could be the answer.
  5. Many thanks. do you know what the brass color is for
  6. Hi everyone, a friend of mine bought this helmet. It's in brass and looks like a true M17. We think it's a American legion one. Someone could confirm and eventualy shows us some pictures in action ? Many thanks. Now the pictures :
  7. from another french forum : it seems to be an asiatic (could be Korean but not sure) M1 clone for export as rhe iraqi M80. Similar helmets are used in Africa by local red cross or others NGO. Thanks to every one for the help.
  8. thanks, but i'm not sure the chinstrap rivet position is really different. coild it be a civilian purpose as for.CD ?
  9. Hi, I found this helmet today : It's White, in plastic, with white chinstraps with T2 fast opener. There is no liner and the suspension is a cradle type. if someone can give me more information on it, i will thank you.
  10. I post some pictures of a 105mm ammo crate dated 6-44 found in a farm near Magnières Vosges France. It was recycled in Workbench. As seen in this picture, the right side was 'restored' with a wooden board marking on the top I didn't found anothers marks on it certainly due to the dust.
  11. the weird thing is the totaly clean paint on the strip. it seems to be freshly paint.
  12. well it takes only 5 minutes to see it a repro... but i agree with you i blacklist this seller.
  13. It's a nice collection ! I really like the design of the piece you show us !
  14. Mine is exactly the same ! So i think it's a legit one !
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