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  1. I’m writing a newspaper article on the 491st Bomb Group (H) on low altitude supply mission during Market Garden and need some help. I'm trying to figur out what flight clothing the men would be wearing--flew B-24s from airbase in England down to 300 feet over Holland to make their drop zone. Can anyone give me a general idea if I have this correct? About a five hour mission. Would all the men wear headsets and throat mikes? Many thanks for any input!

    Long underwear
    Regulation trousers and shirt (or F-1 suit?)
    ID tags around neck
    A-3 pants
    “Blue Bunny” heated suit
    B-3 with nametag on chest
    B-6 helmet with rubber cups attached to hold the receivers 
    B-7 or 6530 goggles 
    F-2 heated gloves
    A-6 flight boots with silk sock liners
    B-3 life preserver 
    A-8b oxygen mask 
    HS-33 or HS-38 headset with T-30 throat microphone
    Chest-mounted parachute pack

  2. My apologies. Got confused there.


    --I am looking for the rank of Theodore Wiebe, USN who crewed the Devastator that torpedoed the Shoho.


    --I am also looking for the rank of Anthony Kanclier, USMC, who was a gun captain on the Lexington.


    Any help appreciated. Thank you so much.

  3. I'm writing an article on the USS Lexington (CV-2) in WWII and I don't have a rank for a Marine. He wrote at some point he was an ordnanceman however, on the Lady Lex, he was a crew member on a Douglas TBD-1 Devastator bomber that dropped a torpedo on the Shoho. Ideas? Thanks so much.

  4. Question: An enlisted man qualified for Gun Captain 1c in September 1941 and appointed Boatswain's Mate 1c in October 1941. During the attack on Lady Lex on May 8, 1942, would he be manning the guns or performing Boatswain's duties? Would his rank still be Boatswain's Mate 1c or was Gun Captain separate? Confused--trying to place him on the ship at time of attack. Thanks for any clarification.

  5. Gold Star spouse looking for a pair of chests lost by a moving company that contained treasured items from Staff Sgt. Michael Simpson who died from combat injuries on May 2, 2013. Please be on lookout. Article attached below.





  6. Can anyone give me pointers on where to look for the name of the troop ship that took two Oregon boys from the 162nd to France (brothers, last name is Deetz, Edwin and Jonah)? I have looked at every source I could find online on WWI transport dates but am coming up empty. Any ideas?


    I have their journey traced as follows:


    With the Oregon National Guard, 2nd Bat., 162nd


    Vancouver Barracks, mobilized on April 30, 1917

    To Camp Withycombe, Clackamas, Oregon for training, dates unknown

    To Camp Greene, NC on September 19, 1917

    To Camp Mills, NY on October 22, 1917


    Sailed for France from Hoboken, NJ on November 26, 1917 (this is strange because as you can see below, they then sailed back to England--why would they have sailed to France first for training then return back across the channel to England as below, and then back to France again to fight? It might have been a typo in the archives)


    Sailed for England on December 13, 1917


    Thank you much.





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