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    always looking for items related to the 511th parachute infantry regiment from 1943-45

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  1. They actually did start in kiska. My great grandfather brought one back (kiska was his only campaign with the 7th) if you want I can dig up a photo of two FSSF guys on kiska with one
  2. Wow another signal panel! More proof this practice started in Alaska!
  3. I have a kiska invasion map, a scrapbook from Alaska and another from Europe. The vast majority of this grouping is bring backs
  4. Now the European stuff. Karl Krueger then found himself shipping to Europe in March 1945 and landed in the 166th General hospital. Here’s his loot from Europe
  5. The Bergman signed ID card and a photo of her signing it. I’ve been informed the ID card actually belonged to a civilian employee of the Japanese navy
  6. Karl Krueger was drafted in January 1943. After going overseas with d company 59th medical battalion he jumped around various stations before ending up in HQ1 17th infantry regiment, 7th Division as a medic for the kiska landings. There we was wounded on the landing (suffering frostbite) and then wounded again in November 43 which resulted in the loss of fingers in his right hand. He’d recover in anchorage before returning stateside in January 1944. I’m going to post his pacific loot today and his loot from his time in Europe at a later date. Some of the pcitic highlights include
  7. On the 75th anniversary of the FT McKinley battle I made the long trek out to Luzon to pay my respects at Lt Egan’s and many other 511 troopers final resting places
  8. I did something similar to my repro jump helmet. I think I have ~40 ww2 paratroopers that have signed it
  9. Might be slightly off topic but if you look at photos of the raid at canabantuan and the raid at Los Baños youll see Filipino guerrillas armed with m1a1s
  10. 4th infantry regiment. All three battalions had different deployments in Alaska in ww2. The Alaska tab Im not sure if its a ww2 thing
  11. Awesome group. Love the Philippine independence ribbon on his rack. Only seen that before with 511 troopers
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