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    Old retired guy in Florida, held office in five collector and shooting clubs 1961-99. Untill sold in 1989-90 had an extensive collection of Federal Period weapons. I now try to LEARN about and COLLECT older USMC items, mostly because my Dad was I Co 3rd Btl 21st Marines 3rd Div Guam and Iwo Jima. His brother was a Gunny Sgt on a 1st Div Long Tom in South Pacific and his son was a Tunnel Rat in Vietnam. I also have another Uncle that was in USMC during Korean War. My wife is Ojibwe Indian belonging to tribe at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, so we also collect some of that tribes antique items.

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  1. Thanks for the info If I buy the jacket I'll post some EGAs I have for your suggestion must likely to have been on jacket in time of use. Richard
  2. I'm thinking about buying a 1920-30 USMC jacket it has these EGAs on collar I do not remember ever seeing any like these. The lack of quality is so bad I do not like them. At first I thought they were the lead ones but they do not match any I have. But as many of you know I only know enough to mess up. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. Richard
  3. With all the smart phones and web info about the only time a collector can come out with a really good buy is when the seller - poster mis-identifies an item. Richard
  4. Here is my Dad's he had with him on Guam and Iwo Jima 3rd Div 21st Marines Richard
  5. Is this what the eBay seller says it is? WWI Era 1920s Sterling Navy USMC Aviator Pilot Wings Badge ( 224141254757 ) stpauligirlz37715Feedback percentage of100%
  6. Thanks for the help maybe I can get my $10.00 back 🥴 Richard
  7. I've had this USMC 2nd Div M-1 Liner for 15 + years. No history found a a Central FL rural mall. Richard
  8. On the way to PO today I stopped at an Antique Shop that I had not been to since about March. I bought this very dark Forest Green Beret. The tag sewn into the lining has "Quarter Master Uniform Company Long Beach, CA 90813 Name _______, Rank ______, Serial # ______, Professionally Dry Clean Only." Also in white a size stencil "7 1/4 for 7 3/8". I tried to show the imprint left by the shield shaped flash, hope you can see it. A white tag has been torn out. It is excellent only a small nip from the center area behind where the flash would have been. She said it came in with some kind of
  9. I believe C would bring alittle more $35. - $50. Richard
  10. This same thing happened to my wife on a doll she bought on Facebook. After 3 calls they gave me a tracking # When tracked it said "with shipping partner facility agent Pitney Bowes and USPS is awaiting item in NY". After more emails (no Phone listing "jaqdboxingnc.icu" Cust Service) On the same tracking # I got the same info but USPS waiting in California. I went to the PO as well as phone call to PP and my Bank. None of the 3 could get funds back as wife had clicked on Pay Pal icon on seller's web site and PP used wife's Debit Card info they had and on June 6th the bank paid. So wife
  11. Does this book list Iwo Jima 37th Replacement Draft and /or 21st Marines during this 5+ week battle? If no Draft listings do you know of a publication that has a roster of the 37th Replacement Draft? Thanks Richard
  12. AirMechanic Thank you I had hoped they were. I have 3 books and copies of ref from here and still I have trouble identifing many and feeling confident about it. I really envy those of you who have most figured out. Thanks again Richard Also Gil Thanks to you
  13. I tried to PM you but it does not work. So -- I have sold you quite a few items, VN Camo, and you answer questions for me. if I recall correctly. Thanks for answering, if this is something you collect just tell me a very reasonable price and it is yours. Richard
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