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    Old retired guy in Florida, held office in five collector and shooting clubs 1961-99. Untill sold in 1989-90 had an extensive collection of Federal Period weapons. I now try to LEARN about and COLLECT older USMC items, mostly because my Dad was I Co 3rd Btl 21st Marines 3rd Div Guam and Iwo Jima. His brother was a Gunny Sgt on a 1st Div Long Tom in South Pacific and his son was a Tunnel Rat in Vietnam. I also have another Uncle that was in USMC during Korean War. My wife is Ojibwe Indian belonging to tribe at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, so we also collect some of that tribes antique items.

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  1. I kept looking and found a couple like mine that had been offered on eBay as being 1880 period and the auction said scarce as Eagle looking to its right. Sellers claimed real period and Bannerman did not have dies so not reproduced. Does anyone feel this is most likely correct? By the way one showed that threaded attachments go where mine has the 2 small holes. Richard
  2. I have seen and owned US Felt and Cork Helmets 1870's thru early 1900s with US Eagle Front Plates also saw Cartons of New York State and Bannermann put togethers but those had variations of a ribbon in Eagle's beak. Also numbers on shield, crossed muskets etc etc. I need help with this one I found today. Richard
  3. I did not think that was it but I just looked at it again and did find a vet I have records on and found him so maybe I was just confused by a completely different way to navigate thru it. Thanks Richard
  4. About a year ago I thought this was the updated one https://valor.militarytimes.com/advanced-search? but men I found on old site did not appear on this one ?? Richard
  5. For about 15 years there was a web listing of "Recipients of US Military Medals" there were 10's of thousands listed Alphabetical, Branch, When, the award, etc from current back to CW and before. Then about 3 years ago it disappeared and the link went to some lawyers. Is there a newer link or site that has saved that valuable info? Richard
  6. So Sorry to hear, a very nice gentleman and a Marine. Back in Mar. of 2013 we were talking regarding a WWI Marine from near my Ky family as Bob had his Medals and I had his 1911 Colt 45. We were talking fairly light-heartly and joking which of us would go to that last big show first (we were the same age). He was very helpful and so knowledgeable. He will be missed as he helped make this Forum the good place. Rest in Peace with your fellow Marines. Bless your Family. Richard
  7. Alum color it has some white paint on grip and brownish elsewhere but most probably not original. Here some pics, also the trigger and hammer spur broken off. The bbl is 4 1/2 inches. The weight is about right for a real Peacemaker. There are round recesses in grip put there for a design ?? original ??? Do not know. Richard
  8. I've had one of the Colt Single Actions for over 50 years, do not remember where it came from. My Grandson has it now. Richard
  9. Here is link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-Military-WT-U-S-Knife-Scabbard-Nice-Original/174265740958?hash=item28930c2e9e:g:zGgAAOSwK6VeqX2c Fake ? Not my area but thought a link for those of you who know was needed. Richard
  10. If so Good News as a few times I have posted wrong pic and could not delete. Richard
  11. Believe this seller deals in copies which he says so. Fair prices for what they are Richard
  12. Thank you So would just the bbl fit? Isn't complete BAR too big? Richard
  13. I believe mine (which I've had for 25 + years is same as one pictured above, but not nearly as nice condition. It is dated WWI but I always thought it was for an O3? Richard
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