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    Old retired guy in Florida, held office in five collector and shooting clubs 1961-99. Untill sold in 1989-90 had an extensive collection of Federal Period weapons. I now try to LEARN about and COLLECT older USMC items, mostly because my Dad was I Co 3rd Btl 21st Marines 3rd Div Guam and Iwo Jima. His brother was a Gunny Sgt on a 1st Div Long Tom in South Pacific and his son was a Tunnel Rat in Vietnam. I also have another Uncle that was in USMC during Korean War. My wife is Ojibwe Indian belonging to tribe at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, so we also collect some of that tribes antique items.

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  1. I’ll take the Nat Geo and badge guide please. 

  2. I'm not an expert but used to dig O'lustee alot in 70's and many were there I was always told if a led spot it is a fused ball AND BE CAREFUL !! Black powder will explode 150 years later. Richard
  3. Thanks I sure appreciate it, I should have just asked you first. 😀 Richard
  4. I've spent a couple of hours trying to find this under Gemsco, Pilot wing, Commercial pilot or airline wing (AA was closest but all had their AA logo), Sweetheart wing etc. No Luck. It has GEMSCO AND A.G.O. G2 on the back. If US I will list on Forum FS this afternoon so what is a sell it promptly price? Thanks Richard
  5. As I posted earlier Ocala GW sells them (old ones not modern camo) to a "special" group of dealers. A friend of mine took me in the back room a couple of years ago to see a WWI Uniform, I was not permitted to try and buy it. Richard
  6. Mod I'm sorry the above should have been in a PM Please remove. I was in a hurry to go to the daughters and messed up Richard
  7. I have all his ribbons except those two. I have a pin back 1/2 inch 3 place bar with his PH already on it so I need the two I asked about in the Forum Post to slide on the bar with the PH. I did not know that the blue-red-yellow & green ribbon was designed and authorized during WWII I thought it was later. I need the 1/2 " Navy Presidential Unit Citation and the Navy Unit Commendation ribbons that will not slide on my 3 place bar. Also both must be USMC 1/2 inch not Army 3/8 inch I'm leaving for dinner at my daughters, be back in about 3 hours If you have them any help appreciated
  8. I'm hoping to find the two examples that would be old enough to have been put on the jacket at the end of WWII Richard
  9. My questions are about the Navy Presidential Unit Citation and the Navy Unit Citation Ribbons. Was the Navy Unit Commendation (the green, red, yellow, blue ribbon authorized and awarded in WWII era?). if so were the ones that slide on the end of a 3 or 4 place pin back bar right for end of WWII? What was prevalent practice to wear them at end of WWII - to include these on the rack with other ribbons or to the right side of jacket all by themselves? Also I need the two proper ones for a 21st Marine WIA jacket I'm restoring to keep. Thanks in advance Ri
  10. Thanks to all for some really good info that would be very hard to find any where else. Richard
  11. Hunt In your post does any of it apply to WWII American Defense ribbons? Richard
  12. I sometimes see stars on the American Campaign & American Defense ribbons I guess the Aleutians in Alaska would apply but how could a uniform have 2 stars? Also could a vet that trained in the US and fought in the Pacific be entitled to have that ribbon with no stars in his rack? . Richard
  13. The main Goodwill Store in Ocala had not a single Military item in their Halloween Display. In 15 years I've seen one it was a WWI Uniform and I saw it because I observed a few people going thru a door into the back and I knew one of them so I followed him to say hello and found the store manager has a few people she asks to look and buy all militaria. I complained to Goodwill State Corporate Office they said it would be looked into. That was 2 years ago and it seems same condition still in play, but I'll admit I only go in once or twice a year now. . I have seen a few in the other Goodwi
  14. Thanks for the info If I buy the jacket I'll post some EGAs I have for your suggestion must likely to have been on jacket in time of use. Richard
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