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  1. Silver and gold items usually clean up very well. Usually just water and a toothbrush will do it.
  2. Just depends on the type of soil they're found in. Very mild here in Kansas.
  3. Found with a metal detector at a WW2 AAF site. Note that someone cut a slit in it I believe to make a watch fob. It's a little deteriorated but notice it says Made by Buick below the slit.
  4. Found these three DUI's with a metal detector at a closed AAF base. Not in the best condition but happy with them.
  5. I found this bracelet at a closed WW2 base with a metal detector. Not silver but still a nice find.
  6. Metal detecting a now closed WW2 AAF base and found this piece. It's deteriorated but can still make out the features. It's brass and about 1.5 by 1 inch. It doesn't hinge as a solid piece. Any help would be appreciated. It has a shield on one side and the AAF wings and Air corps emblem on the other.
  7. Been hunting several now closed WWII AAF bases and have found a few favorite pieces.
  8. Breaking of the wings: Since man started flying, he has taken to the air a certain amount of risk. To counter that risk, a tradition was established years ago when the Army Air Corps first started issuing pilot wings to their young aviators. This tradition is called "BREAKING OF THE WINGS". At every UPT graduation, the Air Force issues the pilots their pair of wings. As tradition has it, the pilot should never wear that first pair of wings. To bring good luck, the pilot should break the wings into two parts. The pilot should keep one half, the other half should be given to the pilots
  9. I am a avid metal detectorist and while detecting a now closed WW2 USAAF base found this Navigator's wing. The other wing was never found. I recently heard about this tradition and that it applied to navigators too which might explain why it was never found.
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