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  1. does anyone have any refrence pics of USMC backpacks they used during Banana wars thanks for the help
  2. Thanks for all the great info, I found an old news reel on this event showed some Marines on a ship heading to Alcatraz and found it intresting what there uniform was they were wearing the green combat trousers, wool shirt, and parson jacket,and there garrison cover.
  3. would anyone have refrence pics of the Marines who took part in that operation? I have done some research on this topic and find it very interesting, Any info on Marine operations would be great, also would you say they went ashore wearing the leggings? thanks for the help
  4. zoli

    55 days at Peking

    how accurate was the movie for the U.S Marines standpoint? im interested in weapons and uniforms they used. Most color traits I have seen is of Marines wearing blue pants with leggings,.also seen them in full dress blues defending the wall. Thanks for the assistance
  5. that's a real neat item. I am a retired firefighter and love to see stuff like this. Wondering after enlisting how they became firefighters in the Army back then? were they assigned that position?
  6. U.S Naval Commandos of WWII, elite series from osprey books, was wondering if there is any color plate images of ETO scouts and raiders, would like to see type of uniform,and equipment used, thanks for your assistance
  7. guys what was the difference between PJs and Air Commandos during viet nam war? did they have the same missions?
  8. thanks for all the info and refrence pick, would the air crewman have carried a side arm back than? .45 or .38?
  9. thank you all for your help, so during the Korean war the air crewman would have preformed all rescues on land and sea if called upon. A few more questions I have,1. would he have worn a flight helmet like the pilots did?
  10. In the movie The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Earl Holliman plays the roll of the rescue helicopter crewman, would his title have been Rescue Swimmer back then? and also what type of boots would a crewman worn back in the Korean War? does anyone have a little bit of history on U.S Navy rescue crewman for that time period and type of gear they used? thanks for the assistance
  11. my question is when they got the call did they wear a survival vest or body armor during the rescue? does anyone have refrence pics of Nam era PJ gear? thank you for your help
  12. thanks for all the assistance, I new here, can you tell me whats a Bannersmans piece
  13. guys a friend of mine gave me this EGA can someone id the era its from? it is made from a soft medal, it is easy to bend, thanks for the assistance
  14. guys during the Peking riots of 1912 I have seen Marines wearing dress blues manning road blocks, my question is, underneath there blouses would they have worn a band collar type shirt? and what color would it have been? thank you for your assistance
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