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    Anything with a personal touch. I love items that are named or researchable.

    I collect militaria because it gives insight into the personal side of wars that have massively changed the world.

    Especially interested in WW1 Canadian (CEF) items and Vietnam graffiti'd helmets.
  1. A little more work. Uncovered most of the red. One roundel left! More of the original paint layer uncovered too. The finish appears to be pretty smooth, with some bits of what looks like corking around the bottom of the helmet dome. This helmet seems to have had a long life, and I believe that much of the early life of it was not as a medic. Maybe a very late war or post war/korea era medic repaint? What do you guys think of the colour and medic roundel pattern? I've heard that "smoother" helmets are often depot refurbished and reissued. Would love some input!
  2. Thanks for the comments guys! The depot-applied light khaki overpaint that is common of post war helmets seems to have done a pretty good job preserving the white and red paint underneath. It's been extremely slow going, I've probably spent upwards of 12 hours picking little bits of paint away. But it's been fun!
  3. I've been focusing primarily on the back, but working a bit on the front. The cross on the front is the most crudely painted.
  4. Making some progress. I've uncovered some of the original paint layer, it looks to be a medium dark OD.
  5. Thanks! It has been slow going. I've made some more progress and will share soon. Quinn
  6. Thanks Russ! I saw that you posted a medic helmet that you stripped a few weeks ago - did you end up removing all of the green paint on top of the roundels? I'd love to see the finished product. Cheers, Quinn
  7. I was able to find the original video which Burning Hazard had posted screenshots from. Here it is: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675076669_reclamation-activities_helmets-piled-up_man-cleaning_helmets-of-soldiers-and-medics You can see a few medic lids in the pile!
  8. Hi guys, I've been working on paint removal during my spare time. One thing i've learned: patience is key when dealing with paint removal! The paint on the white roundels was flaking off, so I opted to use mechanical means of paint removal rather than chemical - a razor blade was perfect for removing the green overpaint without disturbing any of the patina on the white paint beneath. I haven't touched the paint on the rest of the helmet, and very little of the paint over the red crosses, which is more difficult. Observations I've made so far: - There are more layers of pain
  9. This thread talks a bit about black helmets, and 11th AB is mentioned in post #8. May be of interest. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/106107-what-type-of-wwii-units-would-have-black-helmets/
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