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  1. I understand what you are saying. I am referring to the certs that were issued during wwii to present. That style hasn't changed much for both PH and SSM. My question again I ask, what is the oldest issue date of these style of certs NOT DATE OF ACTION. my Grandfather's cert was ISSUED 9-11-2017 for the date of action was WWI 10-9-1918. 99 years ago for his Silver Star. Also received the medal with the cert. This was a first time award not a replacement. I was the nok.
  2. I am referring of date of issue, not date of action. I have my Grandfather's SSM Cert for his action in 1918 but it was issued in 2017.
  3. I appreciate all the input. I'll try to restate what I am asking. The modern PH and SSM what we see today. Yes, it has gone thru minor changes. Example- the oldest modern PH cert was for WWI vet issued in 1947. The certs. I am referring to is with the Heart with ribbon wave on top and the Star with the ribbon wave on top.
  4. The modern PH and SSM certs I am referring to are the ones we see today. I know there has been minor changes over the years. Those is the type I am asking about.
  5. Interesting considering in that the Silver Star didn't exist until 1932.
  6. What is the oldest modern design PH cert (after Columbia Accolade) after 1932 and the same goes to Silver Star cert after 1932. Not Citation Star awards.
  7. Thanks for the answers. My main reason is why did some PHs have some kind of "coloring" (Black) in the engraving and some PHs adding nothing. the coloring adds, in my opinion, makes the name stand out. Why did it stop?
  8. Hi Dave, What I meant to say is after the engraving process, they added "Purple Ink" within the letters. I tried to post pictures but the computer if fighting. On our forum, the topic named "Pearl Harbor Posthumous USN Purple Hearts" you can see what I mean. Maybe it's a shadow casting. Thanks for your input.
  9. Hi Everyone, I noticed some Purple Heart Medals have some kind of "Purple Ink" in the engraving and some do not. What is it and why some PHs have this and others not.
  10. It seems in the past couple of months eBay have slipping some of these medals thru the cracks. I am not a collector but right now there is BBB WWI PH on site. I thought it was illegal to sell. Can someone set the record straight for 2018 about selling medals on eBay. Repeat here, I am not a collector but like to understand policy and legality.
  11. I have the original medal with MN AM SM MA DS Clasps on them. No box but pack slip in a small bag with the original spacer that broke off. The one side was manufactured very haphazardly and broke off.
  12. I was referring to a Montdidier clasp with one side intact. Also, the soldier was in the 1st Division. His record states he was in all major conflicts that he was part in.
  13. Hi Forum, I have a medal "Society Of The First Division" that the drape is damaged. It's looks old. My opinion is to keep it as is. There is a modern medal out there that has the same drape I can use for repair. It will look out of character (looks) with the other medals in the shadow box. What's everyone's take?
  14. Hi Everyone, What is your opinion about VMs missing spacer on one side and intact on the other? Value? As long there is evidence, such as a box stamped or pack slip with the VM it really shouldn't matter? I appreciate the input.
  15. Hi Everyone, Attached is my grandfather's American Legion cap and armband. He died in 1967. He was in Post 61 Gildford, Montana. The post was established in 1938. Does anybody recognize what the armband was used for? I have searched the internet, nothing. Talked to some Legion members that been members for 50 years, do not recognize it. What do you think? Sorry about the picture.Thank you for all your help in advance.
  16. Hi Everyone, Here is my family veterans wall I just completed before Memorial Day 2017. There are total of 18 that includes 2 women from WWII and 1 German from WWI (my mother's Dad). My Dad's dad was on the US side. Also, there is 3 living veterans displayed. 2 pictures show my cemetery and research/archives and 1 picture show the main wall. It continues to wrap to the pictures left. If you look closely to bottom right you can see where pictures 1 and 2 are located. Oldest item is from 1778 and the newest is 1991. Enjoy!
  17. Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right section for this. After WWI many servicemen had to apply to get their medals. The WWI VM came about 1920. The SSM and PH in 1932. Can someone post any applications for these medals. I know that you could have sent in a Columbia Wound Accolade, Wound Stripe/s, Meritorious Certificate to the War Dept. for a PH. Also, likewise, send in a Silver Citation Certificate for a Silver Star. Can someone post any of these applications? I have never seen them before. Maybe a few members would like to see them too. Thanks again everybody.
  18. For the collectors, the Victory Medal has G-G1 on the back. I wasn't issued a ribbon with stars also. I appreciate everyone's input. I thought it would be interesting. When I talked to the Army, they said the battles took place in France and why that Service Clasp was issued. I have read many times over that Service and Battle Clasps are NOT issued together. Also, about my grandfather's original medal, the ribbon that was issued with it, has no stars as well. He was part of the 1st Division and his record indicates he was in the area of those Battle Clasps. The only I purchased was Service Bef
  19. I forgot to add, that the 5 clasps on my grandfather's original VM Medal are the same as the new issue except the France Clasp.
  20. I was surprised to see the clasps put on alphabetical order. Shouldn't they be in battle sequence? I thought the current regulations say you can't have a Service and Battle Clasp combination. When I sent the Army the information for my grandfathers award review process, I told them that I already had my grandfathers original Purple Heart and WWI Victory Medal with 5 Battle Clasps (without France) on it. Also, I have not found the original Purple Heart Certificate. They issued another as well. Question: Why would there be combination clasps on it? Also, with Army's official letter sent to the "
  21. Hi Everyone, This my first post. I am not a collector. I come here to get educated and informed. Today, I have something I want to share with you. I have researching and archiving my family's military history (actual items- Dog tags, medals, documentation, etc.), notes, internet for almost 45 years. I had the government research my grandfathers record and a copy of a GO I sent them to see if he qualified for a Silver Star. He did! The Army four more awards as well. Read the two documents carefully. I have a Army Letter, and the invoice for the medals and awards. I have blanked my grandfath
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