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  1. Just a quick observation. The award cards are missing the 1's at the end of his serial number. Also, their might be a Purple Heart with his name out there. Some Veterans GO 1 Orders have also a Purple Heart as well. Good luck and great grouping.
  2. Here is a 2016 engraving for a US Army Veteran.
  3. Hi Dave...Good news that the First Division Museum At Cantigny finally digitized all 29 volumes of WWI First Division Records. That's how I found about my Grandfather's WWI Silver Star Medal information. I sent my documents I found to the US Army for approval and they did. Here is a great resource that our Forum members can research. Maybe find a GO or a medal their family are entitled to like what I did.
  4. Both my grandfather's original WWIVM and 2016 reissue are the same thin size thickness clasps. The only difference is the original has back straps and the reissue has pins.
  5. US WORLD WAR I VICTORY MEDAL- RECENT AWARDS- I recently started a post with this subject header. Search it on the forum and you'll see all the WWIVM modern information.
  6. When I did my grandfather's in 2016, my Dad's brother was still alive. I had his power of attorney in a notorized statement that I can receive them on his behalf. The brother said I can have the issued awards and decorations because I research and archive our family's military history. A side note- I was given his WWII items back in the 1980's. Myself, I have been the curator for over 45 years. Google search GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display and you will see it.
  7. Check out my recent post regarding recent World War I VICTORY Medal: US WORLD WAR I VICTORY MEDAL- RECENT AWARDS
  8. ATB...When you received the WWIVM without the France clasp, were the campaign bars put in the proper order or alphabetically in the examples I have shown.
  9. The WWIVM does have push pins. That is true. The medal is now in a shadow box. Sorry. I know all about the regs about Campaign and Service clasps. I spoke to the actual people who assemble them. I just don't get it. I do appreciate the medal the US Army sent to me.
  10. Hi everyone, I had mentioned this awhile ago. My grandfather's WWIVM was reissued to me in 2016 with 5 campaign bars and the France clasp. Also, they were attached alphabetically instead of battle order. The US Army said the battles took place in France. That is why the France bar is there. I wanted to show my issue along with other award ceremony pictures from less than 2 years ago that show the same type of WWIVM is being issued and clasps for members reference. Thanks for the comments in advance.
  11. The Silver Star was a first time award. When the US Army was going thru his record for the Silver Star Medal they reissued his Purple Heart along with his WWI Victory Medal with 6 clasps which included France. I had posted the WWIVM earlier in post NEW ISSUE PAY ATTENTION WWI Victory Medal. WWI Silver Lapel and 3 more new awards I never knew he earned.
  12. Hi Dave again...I forgot to show the boxes. The one on left had the Silver Star Medal and the right had the Purple Heart. Note: Both cases have a notch on the bottom planet area to accommodate a Purple Heart easier. Also different manufacturers and different versions of United States Of America. A whole new topic here. Any more comments?
  13. Hi Dave. Here is a 2016 Silver Star Medal and Purple Heart the US Army issued to me for my grandfather's World War I service. Any comments?
  14. The book that is used here for illustration use, what is the title?
  15. I just read this today. In 2016 I had the US Army go thru my grandfather's record and other government documents for approval for a Silver Star Medal. They approved it with engraving and reissued his Purple Heart with engraving, Silver Victory Button and his 5 clasp Victory Medal with additional 6th clasp of France clasp.Yes, a France clasp. They also found 3 more awards. So go for it!
  16. In the Veterans Orginizations topic in our forum I posted a picture of my grandfather's American Legion armband or brassard is. No one identify what the purpose was. Can anybody help here?
  17. I saw the pictures. So which green and red one is period correct for WWI?
  18. I have seen 2 different types of the French Croix DeGurre cord for WWI. Are they red and green striping the entire length or red "spots" with green stripes. Thanks in advance.
  19. Looking at the ribbon head on.... ***S** or **S*** or attach your ribbon photo.
  20. I would like to recreate a WWI ribbon with 5 battle stars and 1 citation star on it. Is there a special way to do it? I have tried but it is difficult to do. Slightly off topic, I read somewhere that newer WWI ribbons for NOKs if you had 5 battle stars that would be silver as well.I know WWII and beyond had that reg for newer awards like campaign medals, NDSM, etc.
  21. I'm not sure if this was discussed. Why is there darker letters on some older PHs. Especially the WWII US Navy types, not other services.
  22. Very good. I was thinking of the Silver Star Medal. This looks like a citation Silver Star attachment because the medal wasn't available until 1932. Yes, silver citation stars could have been upgraded to Silver Star Medal. I am asking only for Silver Star Medal and PH certs. Forum members please correct any wrong.
  23. Members Dave, 12A54, and bobgee is what I am asking. The Silver Star had a similar one. I thought it would be interesting what forum members have in their collections about date of issue, not action and what the earlier certs looked like and see the minor changes over the years.
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