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  1. I am not a collector. I have a question. Please don't hurt me. The Silver Star box side has the 1932 contract on it. By the time he was awarded the SS I thought that stock would have all used for WWI Vets.
  2. I have my Uncle's US Navy WWII Victory ribbon. It has a star on it as well. If you search this forum you'll see more postings and the S&S article about unauthorized use.
  3. My Dad served in the US Navy for 4 years. He was a PO First Class Aviation Electronics Tecnician. Skyknight, USS Hancock...first US ship to be fitted with catapult...Point Magu, VX-4 group, 51-55.
  4. Hi Everyone, Awhile ago I had the National Archives and US Navy go thru my Dad's record and mailed me these. The NDSM Medal only, Marksman ribbon, Honorable Discharge lapel pin were all new for me. They are now on display at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display for all to see. I had an earlier posting when these arrived in the mail.
  5. Nothing was engraved on back. No ribbon pin on back of Rifle Marksman as well. All IRA Green.
  6. Today, I received my Dad's medals replacements. What is interesting is no ribbon for Navy Good Conduct Medal, No medal for Rifle Marksman. It was nice to include a Honorable Discharge lapel pin. Were lapel pins issued with replacements medals or that is up to the Veteran.
  7. Kadet is correct. I am encouraging military NOK families reach out to National Archives to see what their family member/s are entitled to. Like I said in previous statement, check into it because it sure surprised me.
  8. Hermanus...please understand that I ask the family members to make a request. I will help them on the process. All I ask if I can photograph them for my archives when they arrive. Some are grateful that they can a piece of their history or some turn around and don't care and give me the awards. It took me almost 45 years to find my grandfather's Purple Heart from a family member I never knew and very pleased to bestow it to me along with his other WWI items.
  9. I am the family member who archives our family's military history. In 2016 I had the Army verify my Grandfather's paperwork I sent them and was awarded the Silver Star Medal 100 years later. They also found 4 more awards as well. This year in 2019 I had the Navy go thru my Dad's record and found another award. My point is, talk to family- Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, ask them to reach out to the National Archives and see what they are entitled to. If you are the Next Of Kin. Go for it. It is a great way to preserve your family's history. At times I am not the NOK, then I ask if I can take pictures
  10. I forgot to mention. My Dad was in the Navy during the Korean War and I have his Good Conduct Medal and other awards was not engraved. He died in 2014. I believe that was an option on that kind of medal. Only posthumously awards are engraved (I think). Help me out collectors.
  11. In 2016 I received my Grandfather's WWI Army Silver Star- engraved, Purple Heart- engraved, WWI VM with 5 battle clasps including number 6 France clasp (what?). The service took place in France why they issued France clasp. I also received his other awards as well. My take that be happy what the government can give you. It's nice to know that they can be replaced ONCE. Put them in a shadow box and honor him and your legacy. Thank you for his service and any other member of your family. SALUTE!
  12. I had posted my grandfather's hat and brassard Post 61 Gildford Montana my question is in what context the brassard was used. He died 1967. Also read Post 61 John B Goodman for my question.
  13. My grandfather was in Post 61 Gildford, Montana. Founded in 1928. He moved to his last home in 1942 to Great Falls up to his death in 1967. I have tried State, National, the books called "American Legion In Montana- Vols. 1 & 2", searched Legion Magazine online, finally Montana Historical Society for any information about my grandfather's membership or Post 61 information. Can anybody help me with my quest? Thank you in advance.
  14. USMC164th stated that 5 battle stars that would equal 1 silver star. I thought that regulation didn't start until WWII. I have never seen one a WWIVM medal or ribbon that represent 5 battle stars. Only citation.
  15. I am not a collector. I would think when the government issued these WWIVMs, certain lengths of ribbon for the amount of clasps that needed to be attached. Waste not. Especially, when so many had to issued. Even the Michaels' talk about ribbon length.
  16. Shouldn't the clasp be attached as well for the issue of the ADSM.
  17. Congrats on this grouping. I have a technical question for everybody. The US Navy hat band. Shouldn't it say USS ARIZONA instead of US Navy. I thought they removed the ship names later in WWII. No disrespect here. Just curious.
  18. The star on the WWII Victory Ribbon has been talked and theorized so much on this forum and internet. The bottom line. It is NOT authorized and should NOT be there. PS- I have my uncle's USN WWII Ribbon and it has a star as well.
  19. Can someone post a Hill County, Montana a Cascade County, Montana and finally just a Montana WWI local medals for my reference. Front and back if all possible. Thanks in advance.
  20. My grandfather never a received a SSM for his GO1 order. The card is just stamped like the one here on this thread. I contacted the US Army in 2016 and they approved his SSM almost 100 years later.
  21. I have a question Kastauffer. Would the discharge pin be silver. Also on the award card says French Fourragere. That should be a shoulder cord not a medal that is in the group. I haven't heard of a medal and a cord together. The discharge pin could mean they ran out of silver at the time issue.
  22. I sorry I spoke too soon. His lapel discharge pin is bronze. If it was silver, then a PH is out there. It can't hurt to a little deeper.
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