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  1. Here is Roger William Goodman, USN, medals replacements set I requested with his permission. I will frame in a shadow box and display them at my GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display.
  2. Thanks for showing the back. The front picture looks like the top was removed not faded that why I said MOH. Now, I see the back and it's not.
  3. If you are the oldest after everybody has passed, then ok do it. If there someone before you ask them to help you and have them write up an authorization for you to receive them.
  4. My opinion the top ribbon looks like a light gray or light blue on the sides of it. If it is a light blue it could be a faded Medal Of Honor with top removed and ribbon residue.
  5. I have a American Emblem 1933 PH and the lapel is not marked. Also, I have a American Emblem 1943 PH and the lapel is like in beginning of this post. PH collectors please help. My PHs and lapels are in shadow boxes.
  6. Attention collectors: Could this be a American Emblem 2nd contract PH lapel pre WWII for application WWI Veteran or late issue for WWII?
  7. Today, at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display I honor Virgil Vincent Parker. I received a letter answer requesting recognition for Virgil's sacrifice on Okinawa, Japan during WWII. The mother or immediate family can only receive the Gold Star Lapel. I purchased one from a collector in memory of Virgil's mother and family.
  8. Wow and more WOW. What a grouping with a great paper trail from NO to eventually a YES! To all Veterans or Next Of Kin, keep pursuing your medals. I did that and received a Silver Star and 3 more awards including an EXTRA clasp on his WWIVM for my WWI Grandfather. Now they are on display with all the other family's military history in my home.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad he eventually received the Purple Heart. Do you have the medal to show?
  10. What percentage of your collection that you have documentation that has the word "gassed" or a variation of the word gas. Gas is the key word. Some Veterans were "slightly wounded" due to a gas attack that qualified for the first set of 1932 guidelines. I'm not counting that and No WIA, DOW, No KIA, No posthumously. The reason I am asking is, after WWI gassing wasn't common for other wars. Rules changed for recipient later. Remember, just the first regulations of 1932 I'm asking about.
  11. The Camp Dix paper is War Risk Insurance and 1st Division Society both papers have nothing to do with medal paperwork. Only the slip containing the bars on medal.
  12. Today, The Silver Star Families Of America (wounded in the service the country) recognized WWI Veteran John Barnard Goodman, my Grandfather, for his mustard gas attack on October 9, 1918, Argonne Forest, France. The banner, flag, and certificate will framed and on permanent display at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display for all to see. Come one. Come all.
  13. All the above is true. When I did my Army Grandfather, his last surviving son was still alive. I asked the son if I can use your power of attorney to issue them to me. He did. I sent a copy of a notorized statement giving me permission to receive his medals. Also, I sent them a copy of a Statement Of Service card (internet)and a courthouse copy (Power of attorney as well) of his WWI discharge (original is gone...somehow). When looked my paperwork, for the Silver Star Medal, they found 3 MORE awards as well. I even had medal ceremony for the Silver Star Medal. I am a proud owner of these decora
  14. Today is Veteran's Day. Take the time to thank a Veteran for their service. Today, I would like to thank these Veterans who are honored as part of my GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display: John B. Goodman Sr WWI WIA (gassed) John B. Goodman Jr WWII John B. Goodman III WWII KIA Maria A. Goodman WWII USAAF Civilian Worker Elizabeth A. Goodman WWII USN Civilian Worker William R. Goodman Korea (father) Robert L. Goodman Korea Roger W. Goodman Vietnam Joseph Lucker WWI William M. Byrne WWI William J. Byrne Phil A. Manix Civil War Phil A. Manix WWII WIA (not reported) John William Manix
  15. It seems there is consences that General Order 1 January 1, 1920 is only a listing of First Division wounded that names on that list would qualify for a citation star and in turn in 1932 convert to a Silver Star Medal. The statement at the beginning of that list doesn't mention that these are wounded men.
  16. Search out replacement medals national archives. You should get the proper link.
  17. I am trying to locate WWII John Barnard Goodman's (not the WWI Vet) Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. US Army, 39310692, 101st Airborne, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, Service Company. Any supporting documents would be great as well. I am not a collector. I research and archive my family's military history. I know if one of you have it, I would like to purchase them. I know I cannot. Those would very expensive. I would like any pictures of front, back, case pictures, or any other documents. Thank you collectors for your time and effort.
  18. Bill...I have seen that. I was hoping someone could actually see the award card with first hand experience. Yes, they're researchers out there for a fee I thought if anyone was going there themselves, they can do a quick check.
  19. Can someone close to the National Archives verify WWII John B. Goodman, 39310692, Tech 4, 101st Airborne 506 PIR, has Award Cards? Thank you in advance.
  20. Hi Everyone...Here is a LONG SHOT. I am trying to find any picture/s of WWII 39310692 John B. Goodman's medals and decorations. ( Not the WWI Vet.). I am not looking to purchase them. They would way to expensive. He was part of 101st Airborne 506 Parachute Infantry Unit. He was killed on 6/6/44. His Find A Grave death date is wrong (I believe that's when the body arrived in town for burial). My research tells me there is a Silver Star, Purple Heart. CIB, out there. There is mention of his SSM for Army GO 30. Award Cards for SSM and PH. I would be honored and humbled if some can post any info
  21. Hi Dave, Can I send you a posthumous WWII PH recipient name, information, PH pictures. I have this Fri Sat off. Call after 6pm Pacific Time. I live in Washington State. 425.271.2264.
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