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  1. I have been the family military historian for over 45 yrs. I started at age 10. Over time I have been collecting stories, pictures, discharge papers, certificates, medals, ribbons, insignias, paperwork, manuals, etc. With that said, some family says no, you can't have it. I understand fully. I do make copies or photos of things I can't have. Also, some family has allowed me to get the Veteran's medals/ ribbons replacement set with signed consent from the Veteran or the Next Of Kin. On replacement sets, the government had found more awards. I have 3 types of categories in my archives. 1st the actual items from the Veteran (original or copied/photographed original pieces), 2nd are the government replacements. I do not mix them. I make separate shadow boxes for each. 3rd are things I purchase to items the Veteran would have owned but got lost over time. Example: I have my WWI grandfather's original medals, etc. Next are government replacements (they found 4 more), then I purchased:  PFC insignia disc, US/Signal Corps collar disks, service/wound chevrons, red honorable discharge chevron, etc. I store these in my archive but not displayed. My archive has military records, paperwork, photos, etc. Any documents I display are hi-rez copies and protect the original (even though some are copies). Sorry for getting long winded. I hope this helps you. Good luck.

  2. A new addition to GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display is Great Uncle Lt. Col. Thomas Joseph Brennan, US Army, WWII Veteran. He was the Trainmaster Commander for the 732nd Railway Operating Battalion in Europe. Making sure tracks are restored, trains running, etc. to support General Patton's 3rd Army. Thomas and Patton were the first Americans to cross the Rhine River in a German train supporting the front lines. I want to thank Becky Brennan Lowe, daughter, of Thomas for these items and copied documents for my GDC archive.

    TJB AD.jpg

  3. Hello Everyone...I just posted awhile ago about Thomas Brennan's Bronze Star Medal on another category. I am asking a big favor here. I know some of you members are proficent with Photoshop. Can someone "fix" this photo especially the crease on the bottom half. Keep the original colors. I would like to print this and give it as a gift to some. Either PM with results or share your work here. I thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

    TJB Combo- Small.jpg

  4. Can someone help me find a document with Order and number for a Bronze Star Medal awarded to WWII Veteran, Major (later at Lt. Col.) Thomas J. (Joseph) Brennan. O 539 479, 732nd Railway Operating Battalion. He has no CIB. His Report Of Seperation has no Bronze Star. Yet, I have seen it and it is engraved. He died later after the war. The family sent for set for a replacement set of Awards and Decorations. No CIB or Bronze star arrived. Wrong birthday and wrong unit on his Report Of Seperation as well. So that is my mystery. Thank you for any information.

  5. Thanks Herman,


    The WWIVM has a France Clasp on it with the others all in alphabetical order. What?! I called the US Army on the medal. They said there is no regulation says they have to be in battle order and the reason for the France Clasp is because the battles and service took place in France. I asked a for instance an England Clasp. What battle clasps work with that one. Silence on phone. Thanks for everything.

  6. Hi Herman,


    I research and archive my family's military history for the past 47 years. I have my Grandfather's original Purple Heart and WWIVM. Jump to 2016 and found out that he was qualified for a Silver Star Medal. I asked the US Army to go over his record (I supplied) and approved the medal. Also, the US Army found more Awards and Decorations including another 6th WWIVM clasp for his previous 5 clasps. Also, this WWI Army Of Occupation medal.

  7. This weekend is Memorial Day. It is time to remember who has given their life for the United States. Today, at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display we honor two Veterans: First Veteran is Virgil Vincent Parker, USMC, Marine Raiders, Sixth Marine Division. He was in the first wave in the Battle Of Okinawa, April 1, 1945. On April 3, he was Wounded In Action and received his first Purple Heart. Then on June 5, 1945 an explosion took his life. RIP. Second Veteran is John Barnard Goodman, 506 PIR, Service Company, 101st Airborne Division. He was in the second wave of men in the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. As he and his men battle their way thru Normandy, on June 28, 1945, an ammunition truck exploded and killed him instantly. RIP. Thank both of you for your service for the United States. SALUTE!







  8. Today, a HUGE event at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display. We honor John Barnard Goodman, US Army, World War II, 506 PIR, Service Company, 101st Airborne Veteran. He was in the second wave of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. On June 28, 1944 KIA. Quite a while ago, I requested with family's permission to receive his medals replacements. Earlier this month I enrolled John in the Purple Heart Hall Of Honor. SALUTE!


    JBG WWII AD1of3.jpg

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