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  1. Thanks for your input. I keep everything how the government did it. I also have military records for my family's members. Either original, copies, and/or National Archives. Things that need to be corrected, I'll contact the proper channels.
  2. Thanks Herman, The WWIVM has a France Clasp on it with the others all in alphabetical order. What?! I called the US Army on the medal. They said there is no regulation says they have to be in battle order and the reason for the France Clasp is because the battles and service took place in France. I asked a for instance an England Clasp. What battle clasps work with that one. Silence on phone. Thanks for everything.
  3. Herman, Yes, I did receive the the Medals grouping from the government. The SSM and PH are engraved. Also, look at the WWIVM. I started a topic on this awhile ago.
  4. Hi Herman, I research and archive my family's military history for the past 47 years. I have my Grandfather's original Purple Heart and WWIVM. Jump to 2016 and found out that he was qualified for a Silver Star Medal. I asked the US Army to go over his record (I supplied) and approved the medal. Also, the US Army found more Awards and Decorations including another 6th WWIVM clasp for his previous 5 clasps. Also, this WWI Army Of Occupation medal.
  5. It's interesting to read this Medal/Ribbon is talked about in a WWII connection. The cutoff time for this medal was 1923. Not even close to WWII. The medal itself wasn't ready until late 1941. When the WWII version came out, distribution was confusing for some.
  6. If you were in Germany, still in the US Army, not discharged, after November 11, 1918 up to 1923 are you qualified for medal in question or is there more qualifications to receive this medal?
  7. Hermanus...He was stateside during the war. Thanks for looking and commenting.
  8. Today, I finally finished Roger W. Goodman's, USN, Vietnam War Veteran new Shadow box with his new Awards. Now on display for all to see. The first picture show the new sbox in relation to the old sbox. The second on shows his new sbox up close. SALUTE!
  9. Yes, I understand that. As I said in the posting, I contacted the family and the family member who was entitled to them first. I told them my intention. They all agreed to give them to me. The family gave me written permission to receive them. Then I contacted the US Army for issue.
  10. This weekend is Memorial Day. It is time to remember who has given their life for the United States. Today, at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display we honor two Veterans: First Veteran is Virgil Vincent Parker, USMC, Marine Raiders, Sixth Marine Division. He was in the first wave in the Battle Of Okinawa, April 1, 1945. On April 3, he was Wounded In Action and received his first Purple Heart. Then on June 5, 1945 an explosion took his life. RIP. Second Veteran is John Barnard Goodman, 506 PIR, Service Company, 101st Airborne Division. He was in the second wave of men in the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. As he and his men battle their way thru Normandy, on June 28, 1945, an ammunition truck exploded and killed him instantly. RIP. Thank both of you for your service for the United States. SALUTE!
  11. Today, a HUGE event at GOD DUTY COUNTRY Veterans Display. We honor John Barnard Goodman, US Army, World War II, 506 PIR, Service Company, 101st Airborne Veteran. He was in the second wave of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. On June 28, 1944 KIA. Quite a while ago, I requested with family's permission to receive his medals replacements. Earlier this month I enrolled John in the Purple Heart Hall Of Honor. SALUTE!
  12. Me? Don't engrave the medals. That is how the Government gave it to you. Buy them from a dealer and engrave it on how you it done.
  13. That may be true, but can't see a name on a blank medal. Better engraved than nothing at all.
  14. No. My understanding is the US Navy stopped engraving GCM in 1950. Roger was in from 72-76. My Dad's original was issued in 55 and isn't either. Someone on the forum should know. On a side note, I have another 2020 medals replacements set to be posted and it has a US Army GDC from WWII and IT IS engraved. Be on the lookout.
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