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  1. I have been a fan of the Smithsonian cable TV show, The Weapon Hunter. They did a show on Tank Destroyers. I'm happy to confirm the two tank destroyer owner's mentioned in that show; Dew Dolan and Russ Morgan were NOT the unfortunate people involved in a live faire incident in the press. I was worried. Their (Dolan & Morgan) tank destroyer is called the 'Avenging Angel', The same make and model of the live fire incident's vehicle.
  2. FYI---I'm selling fully illustrated, first edition printing, Bill Maudin's Book, "Up Front" with cartoons of 'Willie & Joe'. $39 + ship/postage. Contact me here privately.
  3. Gift giving season is here. Hello~ I just lowered my WW2 militaria items that you showed interest in. Please take note. thanks--- Collectors Attic B staff at My at Etsy.com account.
  4. recent price reduction on miliaria items. get em fast !
  5. Something odd in Johnny Frost pic. Isn't he wearing his Sam Brown belt incorrectly. The cross chest belt isn't doing that and is on the same side as its attachment. Is this a Highland way of wearing this belt ? Why ?
  6. NEW !! Just added 40+ new items on Etsy.com. My store is "CollectorsAtticB". Heres some premiere items. Militaria LINK: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CollectorsatticB/sections/15518161 antiques LINK: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CollectorsatticB/sections/15518149 Edged items LINK: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CollectorsatticB/sections/15578817
  7. I know of four pioneer & religious cemeteries in the Southern California area that have been neglected (desecrated), abandoned, or been re-purposed WITHOUT moving a single internment. It's a great shame that these souls thought they would be safe from desecration when they passed on and they're not. In Saint Mary's case, they had a community center and parking lot over the graves. The community center was taken down due to it's structure mysteriously falling apart (Poltergeist, anyone ?). The parking lot only remains over the many graves in that area. Still desecrating the souls buried th
  8. "The City of Ventura stole their cemetery" Blog article LINK:http://delphiseer.blogspot.com/2008/12/city-stole-their-cemeteries.html
  9. USE etsy link. Facebook photo preview shortcut only works, if your 'friended' by me. TINY url seems to be having problems, disreguard those LINks.
  10. The "Restore Saint Mary's" was contacted by COL Millet, and he wanted to participate in some way. He lived nearby in Ojai, CA. He lent his support to our efforts and I enjoyed meeting & speaking with him. Truly a larger than life soldier. I was grieved to hear of his passing. He's interned in Riverside military cemetery and received full honors in his funeral. I grew to respect him even more when I did some extensive research on his MOH and wartime soldering. He's quite a patriot. He's resting in a cemetery that respects the individuals who are buried and lived in the SoCal area. Glad he
  11. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, "Collectors Attic B". I have one-of-kind items. I have many miltaria, historic items, craft collectibles, costumes, unique edged weapons, armor, and personal screen used film & TV. My Collectorsattic B's Shop Announcement Please enjoy a browse through my militaria items**SEASONAL DISCOUNT SALE !! Many items discounted 20% or more ! Lower Prices on some items.** I NEED to move these items NOW! No buyer's offer will go unconsidered or unanswered. I need to move these items! And drop by my Internet store sight. I have a little o
  12. When a high schooler in '69 when"patton' film came out, I read every Patton book I could find. I will add O'reilly's book to my enjoyment and research. I have visited Gen Patton's two story large house in san marino, CA near Pasadena CA.
  13. Sounds like my kind of page-turner book. My dad was in the 36th Texas ID in regular canon anti-tank regiment. I'll check online book stores for this.
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