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    Grandchildren, Wife and hunting for prehistoric artifacts
  1. My avatar is in honor of Uncle Herbert Pitcher, shot down on his 50th and last mission, over Germany.

  2. Awesome blades and that buck aint bad either, congrats...
  3. hope you don't mind, off topic, but my dad(served in Korea) purchased a GI carbine once thru the mail form the NRA, cheap too, it has the bayonet lug, so this was probably used/issued after WW2 ?
  4. rocksome

    My M3

    thanks all, JW, how about you send me yours first, I would want to make sure they would look good together,,,,He-Haw
  5. Nice one there, Poch, I need that one to go with my guard marked one.
  6. rocksome

    My M3

    My one and only, I probably paid too much, but I had to have a original one.
  7. I recd mine today, very well done Gary
  8. Congrats on your new shop, looks great, wish I were close to you.
  9. Thanks for the links guys, my uncle was shot down in Germany on his last mission, number 50.
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