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  1. Unfortunately there aren't too many around anymore, pretty sad. I've been in contact with two ETO Vets over the last few years, one from my Dad's squad and another from his Battalion. One just recently passed sadly, he was an amazing man who was still pretty independent with a great mind and memory for his age. The other one is doing ok overall, just dealing with some health issues like anyone else that age. He's not one that likes to talk to strangers though or do interviews, otherwise I would pass on his information. Both have been amazing resources for me in understanding the day to day stu
  2. Another great helmet today, nice!!
  3. Simply a superb set and to be named on top of that, wow!
  4. Super nice, thanks for sharing it!! I too would love to see more pics of the M1 : )
  5. Excellent information, thanks John!
  6. Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could tell me please what the 46 would indicate on this spoon? Thanks! James
  7. Very nice collection and thanks for sharing the great idea!
  8. Nice, how did I miss this one?! Great item to inherit, that's for sure : )
  9. Hey Joe, Definitely a different form of typical stamp seen on the front of these liners, though the symbols are still Israeli. Very interesting. Thanks, James
  10. Amazing collection, thanks for sharing! Bob Hope is definitely my all time favorite entertainer.
  11. Welcome aboard! I'm here in SoCal myself, just on the west side of things My In-Laws live in Apple Valley so we get our high desert time.
  12. jmd62

    Fake A-2

    Ditto on Ed, a great seller!
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