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  1. I wish they had done a better job with the whole Dachau thing, it almost seemed like they were the only squad there. There were many units approaching the camp at the same time, it was busy to say the least. I guess they tried to keep it simple..
  2. That's an amazing collection Dean, thanks for sharing them! Such a nice variety of "been there" helmets
  3. Just watched the series and I wasn't much of a fan myself. I guess if there isn't anything else on.. ;D
  4. I personally don't mind naturally occurring cracks, they are just part of the helmet's character. That's just my take though
  5. Man that's awesome!! I've always wanted a cool prop like that, congrats
  6. $8.00? Man you got ripped off.. Amazing Robin, that is one sweet helmet!!
  7. A very well done job of repurposing the helmet, that's for sure. Super cool!
  8. Welcome from SoCal The wife and I were just in Phoenix last week for a few days and really enjoyed many aspects of the area. Of course $.80 less per gallon of gas wasn't too bad either.. ; )) Most people don't realize how many beautiful areas your state has.
  9. jmd62

    Its been one year

    Very sad to hear, but I'm glad to hear he's being honored.
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