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  1. Beyond amazing, thank you so much for sharing it!!
  2. Amazing collection, thanks for sharing!!
  3. Please disregard, other pics were provided that cleared it up for me. Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, I was looking at a WW2 M1 for sale and the guy provided a close up pic which included the attached A-Washer. It may simply be the photo lighting or my eyes, but I just wanted to confirm the washer and rivet are ok. Thanks! James
  5. Very true, thanks again Rooster!
  6. Sorry, I just found something else. The liner has a Micarta 1953 sticker in it as well. Thanks.
  7. Could the black paint rank be Air Force? Seems like it would be upside down for Army, correct?
  8. Great story Rooster about the guys getting the old helmets! Yep, helmets have certainly come a long way. It seems that most things are pointing to the KW if we had to place a period, correct?
  9. Thank you Gentlemen! I really appreciate your helpful information. I'm attaching more pics and if there is anything in particular you want to see, just let me know. It was sold as WW2, but in hand I felt I needed your expert opinions to confirm it wasn't. I don't mind a Korean War helmet so that part is fine. It does appear to be a married set due to the different numbers between the liner and shell. And the corporal stripes show up better in the following pic. Thanks again!
  10. Here's the liner and a close up of the front grommet to show the paint. Thanks!
  11. Good Evening Gentlemen, I need your help please on this M1 I just received in the mail. Probably a repainted shell and if so, Korean War? Hard to read the heat stamp but it appears to be 488B and there's an ink stamp under the front seam inside. Pics of the liner to follow but it's a Westinghouse that appears to read D 28? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! James
  12. Very nice, thanks for sharing!
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