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  1. Scott can you put a link to the Face book link here? Can’t find it when I search for it on there.
  2. Hi mate. Any chance you could post correct pics of the parts you think Should be early. So I can compare to mine. I imagine there is only a tiny handful of stock factory M1s in the world. Cheers matt.
  3. How do you mean? I’m now thinking it’s early and has some early features but has obviously been tootooed with after the war. All of the code numbers are SA correct aswell. Might put the poppet valve gas screw back in this rifle now tho. Would make it more historically correct
  4. I think the windage knob is of the early type. Before the bar type one was introduced. Correct for the period, early 42. Could be wrong but that’s where my research has left me. GC plug screw is of a post war type. For m7a2 launcer
  5. Yea that’s right. It also has the gas cylinder high hump lock on it. So sometime just after ww2 it was used for Grenade launching. I installed the early style gas cylinder lock about two years ago. Thinking that was the only non early part fitted. But there’s always more! Sadly
  6. How can you tell It’s an early stock. I shot it a bit up until the chch massacre. Now it’s never to to be shot again.
  7. Here you go. Stock has been sanded or reworked at some stage. So can only just make out crossed cannons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Cartouche is mostly sanded or worn away. Can just make out crossed cannons. Pic uploaded won’t work atm. Don’t know why. I added the two slot GC nut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ah yes i see. When I bought it it did have the 4 slot type poppet in there. I swapped it out for a two slot when I finally found one here in NZ ( you need police approval and paperwork to import or procure Garand parts ) Not sure weather I should replace the gas cylinder lock or put the other 4 slot screws in. I prefer to keep it early as possible due to op rod and early sights.
  10. I have considered. I have 3 M1 projectors with nades. But I need th M7 adaptor and the sight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It must have been used for it. It has two holes on the side of the stock for launcher sight! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yea man. Cops are more armed than ever now. They cops have Glocks and Bushmasters. Pistols are heavily restricted in NZ also.
  13. Share some pics of yours!! Mine has uncut op rod. Front sight still sealed and early rear sights too. I couldnt believe it when I started learning in depth about the Garand.
  14. Thats correct, I am unable to shoot it anymore!!
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