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  1. Picked this up at the local flea market over the weekend. I noticed the engraved insignia as WW2 Persian Gulf Command but the design of the lighter throws me. Any input?
  2. I had a pair of these trousers when I was in the Boy Scouts. I had another Scoutmaster ask if my father brought them back from Nam.
  3. I would be entirely happy with a faker in my collection. There's simply no way I can justify the expense of a real one, unless I find one at a flea market.
  4. I have no idea why Ebay would yank it for being offensive. I can only assume that someone complained and they did not even review it before killing the auction.
  5. I recently posted this on Ebay for sale but the auction was ended due to a violation of Ebay policy. Whatever that means for WW1 US stuff I have no idea. Anyway, it's probably meant to stay in my collection then.
  6. Picked this up recently and was curious to see if I could get some more information. It was suggested to me that this belt was produced for the State of New York between 1915-1917. As you can see it is made up on an original 1910 pistol belt, but it is a professional job, at least in my opinion. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this largely out of my area of knowledge and interest.
  7. I might have a set of wood for a Savage rifle. Send me a message, if you are interested.
  8. I have been curious about the sizes of issued uniforms during WW1. I recently picked up a cotton 1912 tunic in the very unusual size of 44" chest. I also have two pairs of trousers sized 38" waist. This is only the second tunic in size 44" I have ever seen.
  9. I have haunted this forum for years as a ghost, just recently signed up to share this odd jacket. I picked this up a few nights ago on Ebay under the influence of Spanish grape juice. Any suggestions? Notice it has some interesting features, no zipper and no wool lining. I am thinking civilian copy or private purchase for an officer or whoever could afford it.
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