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  1. Hi Rene, many thanks for your reply. On label,the site indicated : "Three different labels are shown, printed on different materials is the information of patern dat and the company name with its purchase order date. Note that the pre 1942 labels do not show the "Jacket, Field, o.d." nomenclature" It seems to me all right. ​and on zip : ​"These are the Talon zippers (nickel coated), Crown zippers (zinc coated), and the Conmar zipper (gilt coated) " for me it is not correct because on this forum I read that Kwik produced zip also in the war period. Other opinions
  2. Hi trenchfoot, many thanks for your reply. Ciao Michele
  3. Hi, nobody have another ideas ??? Best regards Ciao Michele
  4. Many thanks for your replies :-) I agree on the label, strange but in any case still applied on gauze. For the general conditions, I think it's good. Looking for another opinions. Regards Michele
  5. Nobody ??? Best regards Michele
  6. Hi to all, after so much I came back :-) With my question ... This field jacket is real or what ??? I have not found anything about it. The jacket manufacturer is North Shore MFC CO and the label looks like paper. The zip is Kwik. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi to all, just found ! But what mean exactly the symbols ? Ciao Michele
  8. Hi hink441, thanks for your fast and nice reply. I'm very happy. Regards Michele
  9. Hi to all, real WW 2 lighters ??? One is marked Berkeley. Thanks in advance for your help. Ciao Michele
  10. Hello, many thanks,B229. Regards Michele
  11. Hi, thanks Old Marine. Is a WW 2 model ??? Ciao Michele
  12. Hi, thanks for your fast reply. Ciao Michele
  13. Hi to all, just found : real or what ??? No date and no pouch. Compass working but missing ( broken ) lens :-( Manufactured by Superior Magneto and Chicago Apparatus Co. Ciao Michele
  14. Hi, thanks,guys. Yes,also for me the date of birth is wrong.
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