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  1. I don't collect DUI's and I am having trouble finding anything online. Did the 689th ever create a DUI? Was it only on paper or did it actually get made. The unit was around for such a short time there just is not a lot out there about them in WW2. I'm hoping one of you with DUI reference material can chime in. I have a yard long of one of the batteries but the DUI's they are wearing are too small to make out. Thanks
  2. Kind of figured that would be the reply. Thank you.
  3. As someone who primarily collects collar insignia, I am curious about this patch. It's roughly 4 inches tall. Is this one of the Pakistani made patches, or just something that was made for a blazer, i.e. a reunion? The only similar things I can find are modern day machine made patches. What era does this even fall? Thanks
  4. I was one of the ones that made it back to Germany. We were in-processing back into Germany when a Major came in and stopped the brief we were doing. Said we all just got orders to go back and rejoin the unit. Thought he was funny as hell till we realized he was serious.
  5. Picked this up. Love posters like this. Haven’t seen another in a long time. Ignore the crack running thru it, it’s just the glass that got broken.
  6. I needed a 1915 patton to fill a hole and was looking hard at one of the many tent peg scabbard sabers they had up for sell. But that's just my luck.
  7. Wow, some of that stuff went cheap. If i had not been furloughed myself I would have been all over several items. But, I guess I was not the only one. Sign of the times.
  8. Some great looking items in there for sure!
  9. Left one is a variant of the 54th cavalry brigade, but not sure which specific unit.
  10. Picked up another Patton saber awhile back and finally decided it needed a knot to go with it. Just so happened that a few popped up from Arizona about the time I started looking. Nothing really unusual about it except that it appears to be unit marked with "2 K 55". Hadn't seen another so thought I would post here for posterity.
  11. Thought I would bump this back to the top with the 2 serial number I saw at the Dallas show today 1913 7380 Type 3 scabbard 1914 21404 Type 3 scabbard
  12. For those that care, this is now out on video here stateside, I just picked up a copy and will be watching it tonight.
  13. Having just seen this old thread, thought I would post this photo I posted on another thread. It shows a trooper with a Patton sword with what appears to be a 1904 knot. The picture is just fuzzy enough to be unable to tell whether or not the sword scabbard has a tent peg protrusion on the bottom, but I believe it is a fairly early picture.
  14. While it could be the Yugoslavia bar, with the Afghanistan campaign medal already in her rack, I took a guess that it was the ISAF bar, but the picture gets too fuzzy when zoomed in to be sure. I agree, they keep changing the Class A uniform and yet no one actually wears it for any period of time. When I 1st came in, pre-9-11, it seemed we were constantly getting Class A's checked and worn. But the last few years I was in, We were deployed just about every year. We would have one formal function a year and that would be it. I would have to actually check my records to see what I was entitl
  15. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong. I've been retired for a few years now, but while I was in you were ONLY authorized to have bronze stars on your NATO ribbon for subsequent campaigns. The LTC in front appears to have the ISAF bar that comes with the foreign boxed medal. You would think for a publicity shoot someone would have spot checked them.
  16. Thanks. Camera makes it look better than it is. But definitely wasn't worn for an extended period of time. Probably got most of its "wear" from sitting in a drawer.
  17. Very short lived regiment. Was brought back later, but for this time frame there can't be many of these floating around. I've collected for many years and this is the first I've gotten a hold of. Shortly after the United States entered World War I, the regiment was constituted in the National Army on 18 May 1917 and organized on 30 March 1918 at Fort D.A. Russell, commanded by Colonel Walter Cowan Short. It was broken up on 19 August 1918 into the 71st and 72nd Field Artillery Regiments and the 24th Trench Mortar Battery. All three artillery units were demobilized at Camp Knox on 30 Janua
  18. Ha, I picked it up mainly for the artwork. Going to have it framed and put up with the rest of the WW1 era cavalry items I have. Fantasy or not I like the look of it.
  19. An interesting picture from a magazine, I believe. But not sure if it is a fantasy piece, as I can't find any US cavalry charge for WW1. Any thoughts?
  20. I've kinda noticed this as well the last year or so. I picked up #25 SA 1905/06 for less than I should have. I really wish I had not just built a new garage at home or I would have been a heavy player on this one for that price. Always seems to be my luck. Next time maybe.
  21. #114 went for $3500. Kinda surprised at that one.
  22. Yep. That's why I included the pic. Didn't make sense to me that it was neither of the two known point styles. But good to know mine isn't the only one that looks like it. I've only ever handled 1 other Springfield made(Serial number was somewhere in the triple digits but been a long time), but the blade had been broken at some point and was about 6 inches shorter than it was supposed to be. So no help there. Thanks again.
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