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  1. Good morning all, I would have liked to have your help to identify the soldier who wore this helmet liner. This liner was found in Normandy, a very long time ago. The soldier's two initials are inscribed on the front: S S. The name inscribed on the interior is: SIMEONE or SIMEOME. Thanks for your help. Laurent
  2. Hi QED4, Thank you, I will try your advice, I hope to be able to decipher these famous inscriptions! Thank you. Laurent
  3. Hi Olivier, I agree with you, although there are no traces of a red cross.
  4. Jim, To answer you, I agree when the manufacture of this armband, the canvas is very resistant, perhaps made of bed sheet or old pillowcase. Concerning the markings by enlarging the image I was able to decipher a few groups of letters (I think). Top left: HEA- (Headquarter?) Bottom right: MAY what I saw at the beginning but in fact, it would rather be NAY (Fontenay?), A city near Paris is called Fontenay Sous Bois! That's all I have been able to decipher yet, but I will insist on it. My opinion would be that this armband was worn by a resistant French, who was recruited by the 28th ID, t
  5. Hello, I would like to submit this armband of the French resistance to you. I wonder about the presence of a stamp with the badge of the 28th US ID, there is an inscription on the stamp but it is difficult to read. wish you had your opinion on this armband. Thank you. Laurent
  6. Hi,thank's so much for your fast answers,I appreciate. Laurent.
  7. Thank you so much for your fast answers,I appreciate. Laurent
  8. Hi everforward,it look like a 6 but not sure at all! Thank you.
  9. Hello, Could you help me identify this color marking, on this jerrycan from 1942. The very attenuated bands for some, seem white, the numbers are: 43295. Thanks for your help. Laurent.
  10. Hello, Could you help me to identify this color code, present on a Flag kit type M113 of the Signal Corps. The colors are chocolate / yellow / chocolate on a white background. About the very attenuated figures I distinguish: 45773 or 49773. Thank you for your help. Laurent
  11. Hello everyone, could you help me identify the unit markings of this M36 bag. This bag was found in France, the canvas of the bag is waterproof. Thanks for your help. Laurent
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