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  1. Hi Gene, I am writing from France, in 1944 OSS commando was dropped in my country and I am in touch with some veterans living in Luisiana and Texas, perhaps you will interested by their testimony. I should send you their phone numbers and you could phone them? Regards Marco
  2. Hi, Training shooting with a new weapon, a Marlin UD42, somewhere in the Vercors montain (South France) during spring 1944. Maquis of the Vercors.
  3. Alleman and Raymond OSS members, picture from Blida Algeria 1944.
  4. UD 42 continue..This is a pisture of Capt Lagueux (OSS), OG's Pat, city of Castres France, 1944.
  5. Ok, if you should sold it, please advise. thanks you.
  6. I don't know, how much do you propose for that?
  7. UD42 used by the OG's from OSS during WW2.
  8. Originals insignas of Jean Kohn dropped in France the 11 August 44.
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