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  1. Crated Japanese Type 38 Carbine from the Colonel Walter Buie Collection. I was outbid on a few of the Colonels auctions last month but this one showed up on the secondary market. I really wanted something from the Colonels collection and was disappointed to be outbid and was happy to see this one show up for sale Here is a link to the completed auction for addition information. Click on link inside the link for the August auction given by Centurion. https://www.centurionauctions.com/wwii-war-trophy-firearm-militaria-collection-of-colonel-walter-buie
  2. Thanks yes I'm planning on trying to get his service records.
  3. I recently acquired this bring back by LT Colonel John Watson. He was a West Point grad of 1942. Served in the Cavalry in WWII. During the Korean War he served in the 3rd Infantry Division. He was part of General Marshalls staff and was sent to China in 1946. The man had an interesting military career. I wonder if this Colt was his personal side arm since WWII. All of the information is from Matt (AZNATION)!
  4. WOW that's amazing! Bob would you care to share it in my Facebook group on bring backs? https://www.facebook.com/groups/882753572163346
  5. Mariner, Yes I did get the gun and the family provided a bunch of information. He was in the 45th Division 157th Infantry 1st. He was twice wounded. The vet was at Anzio and was wounded in Italy and France. I've been reading a lot about the 45th And specifically the 157th Infantry. They saw tons of action and had many killed and wounded. I am waiting on a picture of the vet. When I received the Radom, I noticed 4 notches carved in one of the grips. Sure would be interesting to find out the story behind those. The family also gave me his belt buckle. What a grouping! This is the centerpiece of
  6. CPL Carlton L. Dunson brought back this Spanish I. Gaztanaga Destroyer, 7.65mm, Standard Ruby pattern pistol. He was a member of the 32th Military Police Company. It appears he was stationed at the 50th General Hospital possibly guarding the 250 German POW's who were working there. Notice on the tag he also brought home his night stick! After the war he became a Sheriff in his county. The gun is courtesy of handgunsofthe world.com
  7. Well I received some good news yesterday. The lady accepted my second offer of $1200 and I will be getting it this week. I'm happy to add it to my collection. When I initially searched the National Archives I couldn't find any info on the vet but Matt (AZNATION) found some interesting info. It turns out he was an officer in the Mediterranean Theater what unit we don't know yet. He was also wounded in action. I'm still hoping the family can provide some of his military records. I'll post some more pics this week.
  8. Thanks hopefully I will hear something soon on my offer.
  9. Doyler I agree that may bring backs came home without filling out the paperwork. I don't believe this has the phosphate finish and I know its the correct mag. I wasn't aware they can have matched mags? I will check my book on Radoms for that.
  10. What I should have said was that it doesn't increase the value like capture papers would. The original owner of the Radom is the current sellers father-in-law. Her husband, the vets son, was a navy seal in Nam and recently passed. I don't know when his father died but he was born in 1913 so I assume it was many years ago.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! A little update on the gun... my friend spoke to the widow and offered my starting price of 1K. She didn't say yes or no but added that she now has to run it by other family members. She said there may be some other papers related to the vet laying around. She had no idea what unit he was in during the war. The vet has a common name and when I searched the National Archives there were 30 or so vets listed and unfortunately none had his birthday. If I do end up with it, I will ask Matt if he can help research the vet.
  12. I see what you are saying but additional provenance such as the capture adds value in my opinion. As many people have said buy the gun not the story. In the case of capture papers, it at least ties the weapon to a certain place and time!! Not all will agree and say papers add nothing but not to many who collect bring backs.
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