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  1. Thanks hopefully I will hear something soon on my offer.
  2. Doyler I agree that may bring backs came home without filling out the paperwork. I don't believe this has the phosphate finish and I know its the correct mag. I wasn't aware they can have matched mags? I will check my book on Radoms for that.
  3. What I should have said was that it doesn't increase the value like capture papers would. The original owner of the Radom is the current sellers father-in-law. Her husband, the vets son, was a navy seal in Nam and recently passed. I don't know when his father died but he was born in 1913 so I assume it was many years ago.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys! A little update on the gun... my friend spoke to the widow and offered my starting price of 1K. She didn't say yes or no but added that she now has to run it by other family members. She said there may be some other papers related to the vet laying around. She had no idea what unit he was in during the war. The vet has a common name and when I searched the National Archives there were 30 or so vets listed and unfortunately none had his birthday. If I do end up with it, I will ask Matt if he can help research the vet.
  5. I see what you are saying but additional provenance such as the capture adds value in my opinion. As many people have said buy the gun not the story. In the case of capture papers, it at least ties the weapon to a certain place and time!! Not all will agree and say papers add nothing but not to many who collect bring backs.
  6. I have an opportunity to purchase this from the family of the vet. What would be a fair offer? There are no capture papers only the Michigan gun registration papers. I think that devalues the rig somewhat.
  7. Sorry I don't have the medals only the pictures. The seller unfortunately had no other history except he was in Austria.
  8. Thanks Doctor! They are rare that's for sure.
  9. Thanks guys! Paul I wonder too where he got it. He passed in 98. Skir, I wish the additional items came with the gun! The seller is not ready to give them up yet... maybe one day. I don't have the gun yet but will post better pics when I receive it. I have a facebook group on bring backs if you guys care to join? https://www.facebook.com/groups/882753572163346/
  10. I just picked up this Russian Nagant M1895 revolver brought back by CPL Peter Materie from the E.T.O. I am still researching this vet. He did bring home other souvenirs which are the daggers pictured. The photo of him wearing his medals was taken in Austria. (pics are actual medals) I have been searching for a papered Nagant for some time and I'm happy to add it to my collection.
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