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  1. It’s funny, I came across this post searching for info on the women’s M43 jackets, because I actually just found a men’s M43 and women’s M43 together at a thrift store this afternoon!
  2. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm curious - do you know what that poncho liner on eBay sold for?
  3. I hate to resurrect old threads, but I actually found another one, a 1915-dated RIA, with markings for the 2nd AAP as well, but with a "G" on the bottom. Infantry units that would be a company, but would the G be a battery for an artillery unit?
  4. Hmm... that might explain the odd adjustable hook end. But I don't see any evidence of the usual "British Made" marking either. Though obviously markings on these things are often hard to find and fade quickly too.
  5. This came with a small lot of items I bought from a guy online. There are numerous differences between this and a normal M1936 belt that puzzle me. It was suggested to me that it may be a pre-war belt, or possibly an early USMC belt. Odd things: 1. The color is more of a WWI-type khaki color, vs the OD#3, but the other features don't point to WWI-issue (buckle, keepers, etc). 2. The male end of the buckle is an elongated and curved design (see pic below), but not a long-bar like the WWI era ones. 3. The belt is in excellent shape, near mint, and in spite of several inscriptions by the servic
  6. That sleeve on the outside is like the pouch on a flight suit for the let-down cord. But That shape and size makes me think yours may be more something along the lines of an oxygen mask pouch.
  7. Yeah, that looks really close, doesn't it? That orange-ish fur lining...
  8. And do you happen to know who might have made this one? I'm still tempted at the price... even if the lining isn't *quite* right (as long as it's not horribly off). But I also don't want a cheap piece of junk. Ever heard of Godar's?
  9. Interesting... I'm not familiar with different styles of alpaca - what should I be looking for? Thanks!
  10. I'm looking at a jacket a fellow reenactor is getting rid of, and he says it's a repro, but he can't remember who made it, and I cannot find any info on the manufacturer on the tag, which looks surprisingly original. It's made me wonder if it could actually be an original. Anyone recognize this maker?
  11. Did the buckle also change on the AN-S-31 between the early and late versions? I have an original early spec (dated March of '43) with one pocket, and it has a metal waistbelt buckle. I picked up a repro to use in reenacting, the later version with two pockets, and it has a plastic buckle. I wasn't sure if the plastic buckle is a chincy repro thing, or if the later ones were indeed plastic.
  12. You're referring to US military contract stuff made in Japan? I've heard of such things, but this one sure looks the world like the Brit-made stuff...
  13. My apologies for resurrecting an old post, but do y'all know if Brit made stuff was always marked? I have a cover in excellent shape that appears to be Brit made based on the four stitches down the front, the shade and consistency of the dark khaki canvas, etc, but I do not see any markings anywhere except for the "US" on the front. It seems like it's in too nice a shape to have the markings faded away. Were they ever left unmarked?
  14. I picked up a canteen set recently that was in a Brit-made case with a '45 dated canteen, and a cup that has no date but only a manufacturer- "Hoyang" (see pic below). I can't seem to find them on any manufacturer lists. Construction seems too good to be a commercial copy, though. Any ideas?
  15. Thanks guys! Looks like they were a part of the 31st Division during the war, and sent to Europe in Sept '18.
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