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    gargage sells, buying and selling things, gun shows,ect. I like to collect old ammo to make cartridge displays. I like working on old guns. If I can pick up any old military stuff, I try to find it a good home....

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  1. Gotja I have a big chunky grandkid that might want it. THANKS
  2. I do appreciate the info. I saw the 57th HHD on the net, but nothing about hellhounds. What you are saying explains a lot. I don't know if anyone on here collects t shirts. It's a size 2XL, made for big guys. I might stick it on here for sale. Do you think $20.00 is asking too much? It should be easy to ship. AGAIN...Thanks for the reply, and info!
  3. I picked up this T shirt, and thought it might be military. I found a reference to 57th transportation spartans, but nothing about hellhounds. Do any of you know if this IS a military T shirt? THANKS BILL
  4. I know what you mean. I think it might also have something to do with the maker, and age. Anyway.. I find it fun to try and match up the dui's I find to whats out there on the internet. But it's so much easier when they have words on them....LOL
  5. Just to let you know PacificGunner.. I found an exact match to the third DUI. It's for the 556th Field Artillery Regiment. Thanks again for helping me out! Bill
  6. Hey PacificGunner I found the crest for the 197th coastal artillery, and passed on it because it wasn't an exact match. the 125th looks almost the same. I know there are variations of these things, but don't you think I should be able to find a exact match?
  7. Thank you Proud Kraut. I would have never found that out. on my own.
  8. I do appreciate the information.... THANKS pacificgunner Bill.
  9. I am a garage / estate sale junkie out in the hill country of Texas. I bought a display that had over 30 DUI'S. I was able to identify most of them, but these were more difficult. I am hoping that some of you might be able to help me out. The bottom one i'm not sure is military. Most of the ones I could identify were WW2 era, Any help would be appreciated... THANKS Bill
  10. I think I posted this wrong. It was more about bullet size and thread TPI than anything, but thanks for the information guy.
  11. I just picked up an AR in 6.5 grendel caliber. I am new to AR's but thought I better get one while I still can. Mine doesn't have a muzzle brake at the end of the barrel. It's threads are 5/8 - 24 TPI. My question is, will a 6.5 creedmoor muzzle brake with the same thread pattern work? THANKS GUYS Bill
  12. Admin or moderator .. Please take down this post for me. Looks like what I have isn't military. I thought I could delete my own posts, but seems not.
  13. OK Well.. Wake1941, You may well be right about not being military, seeing as how there isn't anything military that even comes close to matching this think. Thanks for the input, and I will take this post down later this afternoon. It's NAP TIME! Great Grandpa has to baby set later. This is my great grand daughter!
  14. There is a cambria collage in Canada, but can we agree that those are wings on that emblem?
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