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  1. Interesting, I never heard anything about that before but it doesn't surprise me. There's been a lot of military activity in this area that was either accidentally or intentionally poorly documented due to security concerns but I wouldn't think that would really apply to this situation. Any chance you remember the approximate cross streets?
  2. You should try to get a training unicycle. The one I had had a tiny front wheel with handlebars and you could ride it like a poorly balance bicycle, unlock the frame so you could move the front wheel off center, or remove the frame and have a unicycle. I got to the off centered tires step pretty well but never quite got to unicycle.
  3. Yes, there is on the second Sunday of the month starting at 7am. I should be there with my piles of parts and uniforms for sale.
  4. I just saw this tonight, it's very tempting to drive down tomorrow...
  5. Thanks guys! It will probably be making it's way to the classifieds in the next couple weeks since it isn't really in my area of collecting.
  6. Piper Cub

    HQ Collar Disk

    I was in an antique store yesterday and as I was about to check out with my 1945-46 Willy's carburetor container I saw a National Defense Medal in a keychain bin. Next to it was this collar disk. I of course brought them both home with me even though I don't really know anything about collar disks. My research seems to indicate that this is a Type II disk made between 1926 and 1937. Is this correct, and what would something like this be valued at?
  7. Next event this Sunday morning, March 13th! I plan to be there with a truck load of USMC dress greens, ammo cans, trailer parts, Humvee troop seat parts, and whatever other stuff I can cram in.
  8. Looks like a great time, wish I was able to make it! Maybe in a few years.
  9. They look like the bodies were put on a military chassis. Based on the square notches in the wheels and height of the tires they look to me like they go with a WC-63.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually worth a little more than that for the main cover as long as it's not stiff and about to rip. Canvas is hard to find but it's a smaller market since most people prefer vinyl with the rubber rope since it's much easier to use and clean. People sell complete NOS vinyl kits for deuces for 6-700 so if you plan to use it a lot you might be better off getting a vinyl kit and saving the canvas for when you want to be period correct. Sometimes you can get lucky finding vinyl covers really cheap. The one on my M925 was $175 delivered off Ebay. It had a 12" knif
  11. That's a good story, thanks for sharing it. While I was reading it "Don't You Forget About Me" came on the radio. I thought that was an funny coincidence.
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