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    My interests are korean and vietnam pilots' helmets and gear.

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  1. Owen if you go to the facebook group flight gear collectors& collections. They will help you with your questions.6
  2. I would stay away from this seller ... 99% retaped helmet and way to expensief for these helmets. In a other forum group are several members going nuts if they hear the name "swissthing".
  3. Thanks hink441 for your info about this jackey thanks!!!
  4. Hi, Its a long time i posted something here at the forum but This is my new addition to the collection. On a other forum they say that the nametag is for a flight observer or a meteoraligist and not a airmen but the jacket has the patches? So hope you guys could sort this out.... Thanks. Niki
  5. Yes it had a collar stand. So its better to leave the jacket broken than to restore it? Ok but for me it looks better and i can say that i have one in my collection beqause i never would think to own one. Dont think this is a pilot jacket beqause i can not found what 608 ACE sqdrn means
  6. It was a dilemma to do this. Thought it was better to restore.
  7. Hi, i bought this jacket beqause i have a passion about the F-86 sabre aircraft and Korean war USAF in general. I have beein told that this is a PERRY SPORTSWEAR A-2 from the WW2 era following to the Korean war . I will be honest and say that the zipper was broken and the lining was shredderd so i have it corrected by restoring the jacket with the original zipper for that kind of jacket and a new liner in the same color it was in. I think if i dont say anything nobody will notice this but i 'm honest about this. Will this hurt the value and what would the correct price be for this kind
  8. Perfect thanks again!!! its strange that nobody then you reply to the mater? Normaly more people should have a idea? Maybe times are changing...
  9. Thats correct. The helmet they would uses with this mask is a toptex then?
  10. Hope the picture is good ?
  11. The micro elements are Orange. If i want to complet the harness, what will the items be that goes in the pouches? This harness is rare no? Thanks alot for your sleepless nights solving this.
  12. Hi. From a other source i hear it maybe a early F -111 harnes?
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