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    Current gear,Plate carriers,helmets,and bdu's used by Devgru,SEALS,Marsoc,Rangers,SF,PJ's,JTAC etc.
  1. Hi everyone! I have seen alot of these photos of 1944-45 US infantry carrying their wool blankets like in the photo above. Can anyone tell me how I would pack this at a reenactment? And does anyone know why they packed wool blankets this way? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  2. I do not think it is Vietnam era. Never seen this pattern before. But it does look interesting.
  3. Yes very nice indeed, tank corps piece's are alway's fun to collect!
  4. Wow now that is what I call a veteran display!
  5. Hi I would like some help on identifying Vietnam era tiger stipe and duck hunter camo sense there is so much of those made for hunting purposes. Can anyone give me examples? Thank's!
  6. Sorry for the late response. Yes he did talk a little about it, but just enough for me to know that he went through a lot. Every time he talked about it he would have nightmares. So I did not want him to go through those horror's again. But thank's for asking!
  7. Thank you for posting too. These men did much sacrifice.
  8. Thank you for posting this! My grandad was in the 2nd marine div. And he was on Tarawa and saipan as part of a watercooled 30.cal team.
  9. Never seen it. But that is really nice!
  10. Wow! Very creative! Can't wait to build mine! Thanks for the blue print's!
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