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  1. I realize this thread is about the Chaplain helmet, but I noticed that a Bronze Star was not in his original grouping listing, but a bronze star is included in the 2nd grouping photo along with the helmet. He also only mentions the citation not a actual bronze star in his original listing description. -Adrian
  2. I agree, I really enjoyed this film as well.
  3. I thought it was ok, and worth watching at least once. I did find it comical that the wives of the pilots got word of a major battle with losses before Admiral Nimitz. They must have been notified on Instagram.
  4. I found these Gems at my local Thrift store Halloween section. I decided to pass them up, and leave them for the next militaria collector. haha. Adrian
  5. Wake1941, I had no idea it was airborne until you pointed that out. Thank you for your help. Adrian
  6. Randy, thats awesome info. Im glad that it is from my home state, do you think its 1960s? I wasnt sure if it was a more modern patch. Adrian,
  7. John, thank you so much for identifying this patch for me, I was thinking it was a squadron patch, but the fact that its undersized was throwing me off. Adrian
  8. Hello, I recently picked up a group of patches. I was able to identify the pilot training Squadron out of Texas, but the others are mysterious to me. The polar bear patches are similar to the AEF patches but I don't think that is what these are. Any help in identifying these would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Adrian
  9. Im just seeing this for the first time. A very nice helmet, thank you for sharing this gem of a helmet!
  10. wonderful room. Awesome inspiration
  11. I just looked really close at these markings and the size stamp looks like it could be possibly marker. I really appreciate your insights to these. Owen thank you for showing your authentic example of tiger stripes. Bob thanks for your knowledgable input.
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