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  1. Hi all, I have some questions regarding early post war/early Nam M1C helmets, I searched the web and some books but I can`t find goo info. So my questions are: 1- Were during korean war M1C helmet factory made or only rigger versions.? 2- The green cotton riddle liner factory made M1C liners, some say were korean made and some say are only early vietnam war, what is the real period frame for those? 3- what period are the M1C liners factory made with ww2 liners but wire buckles, I mean no wartime st clair / westinghouse / inland/ hawley , I mean liners ww2 made but with A strap and wire b
  2. Hi all, I am a collector from Argetina and I been offered this holster, as far as I know is quite rare. Any idea of its value ? I am a helmet collector and dont know much about firearms related material. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot for the answers gentlemen, I guess that with no provenance is no way to tell from the paint age, style etc if is the real deal or not. Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, one of my first posts! been offered this helmet, what do you think? thanks!!
  5. Hi to all, on my way on getting an education on ww2 M1c helmets, I finally got a copy of the great book paratroopers helmets from Michel De trez. He shows a period pic of a leather chincup blueprint. All matches with the original chincups, but it only shows 4 holes, and one of the man differences with other similar chincups of the period ( navy talker, us air armed corps, etc ) are those holes, the original para chincups show almost always 5 holes. Any ideas? thanks in advance
  6. Thanks a lot!! I am the lucky winne on this one, I ll post pics as soon as it arrives! thanks again
  7. Hi all, I am a collector from Argentina, down south of the globe. Great forum you have. I saw this helmet posted on ebay some time ago, I am trying to focus and learn on para helmets, what you guys think of this one??
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