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  1. Very nice, that’s a helmet you do not often see. The paint looks to be in excellent condition marty
  2. BRAVO!!!! Man you have got to love the extra surprises. Very proud for you. Marty
  3. Dean, the colors look to match, that’s a great looking camo. I hate when we have to use the term “I used to own” LOL. marty
  4. You are correct there is something else under the Lt. Col painted insignia. marty
  5. Good eye!!!! he was a major in 1941. I will look at the helmet this afternoon when I get home. marty
  6. Thanks guys for the positive words. I like to whole helmet but I like the dirty chinstrap, you can tell it was under his chin a lot.
  7. We have great members here who helped me last week in trying to find the Colonels name.
  8. Picture of the Col. as the Provost Marshal for the XII Corps
  9. Here are officers from his Batt. With what looks like the same camo. On their helmets
  10. I took a break from my Chaplain helmet collecting and purchased this woodwork helmet. The helmet is named to: Lt. Col Enoch J. Scalan 35th Division 134th Infantry Regiment 1st Batt. HQ XII Corps Provost Marshal The Helmet is a Fixed Loop McCord with a early inland liner. The liner has some initials on the webbing and are different from the Lt. Col but the wear pattern on the liner matches the inside of the helmet and the dent in the top of the helmet matches the markings on the top of the liner.
  11. Can’t tell you anything about the patch other than it’s not Catholic. The patch has a the Christian cross and The Ten Commandments for the Jewish Chaplain. The Patch is an oddity. marty
  12. Nice lid but that’s sweat on the band.
  13. Really nice camera and to see him in a picture is even better. marty
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