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  1. I had a helmet at one time that did have a brown chinstrap, it was in two pieces but It’s the only one I’ve seen. marty
  2. I saw that. Both items are safely tucked away in my safe and display case.
  3. Can we see the results when you decide what you will do? marty
  4. Bump for your viewing
  5. Just out of Curiosity has anyone seen this helmet surface anywhere? It’s been along time but with many shows in the books it’s had to show up some where. marty
  6. Very interesting, I’ve never seen one of these before. marty
  7. Excellent find on EBay and what this man saw would haunt his dreams for many years. marty
  8. He was from my part of Alabama, he will be missed.
  9. Very nice and something that’s rarely seen. Marty
  10. The helmet and Driscoll grouping is out of his possession and in safe hands.
  11. Having trouble also, worked in the past just fine. I’m using an iPad. Thank you for all that you do, Marty
  12. Really nice grouping. Roll Tide, south of B’ham Marty
  13. Impressive, its good to see a Chaplain service in the field. Marty
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