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  1. Incredible collection!!!! That’s quality over quantity. marty
  2. That is so cool and looks really good. I bet that was a surprise. marty
  3. Jaw dropping helmet!!!!!
  4. Were there any other pictures? Maybe a D loop?
  5. Thank you guys that’s the consensus of a few others and I did not have my hopes up that it was ARVN but if you don’t ask you will never know. I didn’t spend a lot on the lid and not really sure why I bought it but I did. marty
  6. I picked this one up Monday Afternoon and have my thoughts but wanted to get other’s opinion. No I do not think it’s ARVN, do I think maybe...yes. Do I think it could be a 100 other things, absolutely. question: why the two red dots or spots and no red anywhere else on the helmet? marty
  7. I can’t comment on original as these helmets are a huge mine field and buyers thread lightly. I look forward to others thoughts. marty
  8. I just arrived home and a wonderful book was wanting from Smitty that has a picture of LTC Scalan. Unfortunately we still do not have a clear picture of the camo but us can see the painted LTC on the front.
  9. The first guy I thought the helmet belonged to served with John Paul Vann. Here is a clip from the movie that was made about Vann. Vann rescued McClain and one other advisor via helicopter. The information came from Terrance McClains Brother Lt. Col Richard A. McClain ARVN BDQ Advisor 66-67,70-71.
  10. Still not sure about the different name on the inside. I did not get to ask Mr. McClean a lot of questions but I know it was his helmet in Vietnam just not sure if he brought it with him or picked up a different one when he arrived. You can see in the new pictures of another oak leaf under the new one. Here is the twist I was referring to before, the first guy I thought it may be. I spoke with him also and he said it was his brothers helmet who was also an Lt. Col advisor but to the rangers. That made sense but while waiting to hear from him I found the correct man. MAYBE the second guy was wi
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