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  1. Hi gents, I´m looking for a WW2 wool blanket. Is there any way to know if they are WW2 or postwar apart of the date on the tag (usually faded). I´ve seen a lot of post war blankets with "US" printed on them. I haven´t seen this on ww2 blankets but they could be faded too.... Any help please? Thanks in advance Regards
  2. Just in case you are a Facebook user: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458817244283740/?fref=ts
  3. Amazing post. I also collect 3rd Armored Division items, but only WW2 or Elvis related . Regards
  4. Hello, I would like to contact him as he doesn´t reply my messages sent on Ebay. Thank you Regards
  5. Hello, Not sure if this forum is the right place but as this seller is specialized about SSI I thought I could contact him here. His Ebay username is platoon317 Thanks in advance Best regards
  6. Thank you matres, I´m glad you like them........Now I´m after a M1 Carbine
  7. Its is a pity but here in Spain is not permitted to own automatic weapons in working order......they have to be deactivated or destroyed. Any way..I bought them already deactivated
  8. They are real beauties. Yes they are non working
  9. Let me know next time I´m glad you like the BAR
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